And so this chapter concludes.  Thanks everyone.
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Jesana Rides Ravage – Unity Loop

Fel Friday! Ravage and Jesana!


Just a friendly reminder that I have a Patreon setup to help support what I do.  I am trying to be vigilant with working towards rewards, and even brought back a raffle slot.  A winner has already been selected for this month, and you will see that image soon.  Other community images are also in the works or finished, with the recent “Demon Pornstar Jaina” image being Patreon supported.  I really do need to reference that more.

Not to get anyone worried, but I have a huge shift in my life happening early next year.  I don’t know the exact date, but it looms and may change the amount of time I can work on my hobbies by a stunning degree. It made me so depressed last night I just collapsed to sleep after I put my son to bed.  The more support I get the better chance I have of getting around this upcoming shift, so I am going to support my Patreon a bit more then I have in the past in the hopes that I may reach that point.

No matter what, I am going to keep doing what I do.  I don’t plan on quitting, but the loss of time sure is going to sting if I have to let it hit me.  Either way, I want to thank everyone for enjoying my stuff all these years.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you.

Fel Friday! Double Feature!

Wanted to bring these back.  I admit I really was not looking forward to making the option that won the last poll a few months back, which killed my interest and made me feel like I had to stop these until I made it.  I realized that was never going to work because the interest was just never there to do it.  I would rather bring these back then beholden myself to something I may never make.  Thus, here we go…  I will bring in polls on a likely bi-monthly basis.

Would love to do something with Lara Croft in the coming week or so... Lara is in search of a special artifact...

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Fel Friday! The Fleshlight!

Experiment Log 110615.  Had discovered a possible breakthrough in my gene conversion techniques using old Illidari records found in highest sections of the Citadel.  Though in-depth, the information would require much time to process and rectify with my own notes, leaving me with little time for my “daily exercise” with my beloved slaves.  Due to luck, one of the soldiers had left his flesh-light, known as a “Goblin” to the outside world, wandering behind in the labs.  Usage of said Goblin was adequate to my needs but will require further usage before can be properly reviewed.

Commission – Ganking the Sunwalker

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