Jesana Moonfall - The First to Fall

Once a skilled Sentinel, she found herself captured by the very Fel Horde she swore to destroy. Though spared execution, her strength and beauty made her a highly prized slave. Want the full story? Read Chapter 1: The First to Fall

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Mira Sunshadow - Enter the Assassin

An elf with a troubled past, she turned to killing and sex to sate her unnatural cravings. She would often stalk Fel Orcs for the magical blood they pump through them, but sooner or later even the stalker can become the prey.

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Kujin - Taming the Hunter

Seeking a new life for herself, the young troll had pledged to explore all the lands between the two worlds. Yet as she comes across the shattered regions of Outland, she came to learn that even a hunter can be trapped.

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Reunion At The Waterfall

Grokale has only just reached the fabled lands of Pandaria, but finds himself overwhelmed by the locals. Lucky for him, a familiar face appears, one that ends up very happy to see him.

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Ragefire Betrayal

Called back to Orgrimmar, Grokale finds himself stuck in a love triangle between some old lovers, and a twisted new enemy.

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