Info updates and yet another scene test.

 So I was working more on backgrounds this week, mostly focusing on the two large ones, that being Hellfire Citadel and Robyn’s Pirate Ship.  For the most part, Hellfire Citadel has enough done for me to work with the next few chapters of the Hellfire story, so I will likely leave it alone at this point.

I keep saying I am going to get on Hellfire again soon, and really I could easily with the poses I have, but I just feel a tingling bit of overwhelming fear when I even think of starting the post process on the GIFs.  I might just leave them as they are and concentrate on making more detailed static version of the image poses.  Hope no one minds if I do that, because I worry if I don’t make a choice soon the whole things going to linger all year.

Anyways, still on point for the random tomorrow, and the poll looks pretty close for two options.  Going to be interesting to see which one wins.  I also have a little animation I made this morning to test out how well I could get some sex going down in Jizzel’s sleeping area (Yes, the rocket goblin has been recruited to Robyn’s ship), which is located under the stairs of the cannon deck.  The animation turned out better then I expected, so I wanted to show you all.  Enjoy.

"Oh yeah! EXPLODE all over me! Explode! GET IT!? Oh ha ha ha. No but seriously you cumming yet?

“Oh yeah! EXPLODE all over me! Explode! GET IT!? Oh ha ha ha. No but seriously you cumming yet?

11 Responses to Info updates and yet another scene test.

  • Isn’t that the human from weekly Random #17?

    • Yes, but that is more due to a lack of good human models. They are technically not the same guy, as the human model I originally worked out to be a certain character. I had to cheat a bit on 17.

  • Some more Animations of Jesana in Hellfire would be lovely.

    • Rexx said than he was going to make an intermediate story with Jesana before going to the Draenei chapter, but he wanted to finish Ku’jin first.

  • I’m glad you decided to use her again! There are nowhere near enough good pictures of goblin girls out there.

    And here I will also point out you do excellent work, and I absolutely love it. Especially the noncon ones. Keep up the good work, man.

  • Ever thought about game development? Because I’d be more thene willing to do the code side of things.

    • I have considered it, but never know what type of game I would make. Thought about an adventure game sort of deal once and experimented, but it never worked out.

  • I’m sorry, it was late last night and for some reason I couldnt see that you had written that 😀

  • Jizzel, I wanted to use her again, so I decided to make her part of Robyn’s crew. She was based out of Booty Bay after all.

  • That is really good, isnt that the New Years Eve Goblin with the penchant for anal?

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