Xanakar Banetongue Revised

So at some point last week while ripping some models, I stumbled on something I totally forgot about.  A Satyr model that was made for one of the five-man dungeons added in 4.3 last expansion.  I started kicking myself because of the fact I used the old vanilla model for the creation of Xanakar Bantongue, and frankly it was starting to bother me.

I couldn’t just let that stand.

Say hello to the new and improved Xanakar.  The model is much better and the texture higher resolution.  It also allowed me to give him more Satyr qualities, like improved eyes and an extra goat like beard.

Xanakar visited the demonic salon. It was a half-off for half-demons event. This week only.

Now I just have to figure out how to break in his new body.

2 Responses to Xanakar Banetongue Revised

  • Oh, very feral looking. He’s lovely.

  • Oh yeah, he looks wicked. As for pitting his new body to use, I’d love to see him “corrupt” a draenei/night elf priestess ,but on other hand we haven’t had a troll lady in a while.

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