Was going to make this post earlier, but sort of got sidetracked.  As you can see, the new site is up and running for the most part.  Here are a few of the bigger changes.

There are now three post types that update.  Main, Remix, and Patreon.

  • Main posts use the original post feed, and thus is only for new animations or videos I release, plus Patreon early release updates (though you won’t see those till they go public)
  • Remix posts are alternate versions of animations that release in the main area.  Character swaps, scene adjustments, etc.
  • Patreon posts are special remixes and unique animations, like brawls and such, that are only for patrons at this time.  When any roll over to be public, they will move into their respective public area (main or remix).

While you will see new updates appear at the top of the screen for the main posts, Remix and Patreon will just appear to the left on the new posts grid on the main page to prevent “update spam”.  I recommend checking back to see if something is new down there or just see if anything appears while enjoying any weekly updates to the main post feed.  You can search posts using the new search grids under the update dropdown, or if you just want to search everything, can use the advanced search.

The big issue, and the one that is going to take time, is repopulating the website with all the content. Due to the nature of the change I had to disable a few old things that ran the older gallery and such, plus GYFCAT links.  I hope to have them all back up slowly, but it’s going to be one hell of a process.  Bare with me while I try to get it fixed.  If anyone wants to help with this, contact me by e-mail, I may be able to give a reward for any assistance.

Also the comment captcha bug is fixed.  So should be able to comment again.