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My feet were stinging from the burning sands, the heat from what seemed like dozens of displaced suns loomed in the sky above me. I kept myself low, stalking my prize as it rummaged through old crates long since pillaged. This raptor was different then the ones back home, a twisted visage, but strong. It would be a perfect companion during my trials.

I had always heard the stories of this land, once the bountiful world of the orcs, now nothing but a dying husk. My friends told me to avoid this place, to find another way to progress my skills and make my fortunes…

Yet I came, for only through the threat of defeat, can I learn. I will survive as I always have.

I prepared myself, my fingers remaining close to my quiver in case the beast turned to attack, my foot holding close to the dirt. As I got closer I suddenly felt a rumble, and the sand began to sink rapidly below my feet. The raptor jumped up, startled, and ran into the distance, leaving me to my fate as the rocks gave way. I curse the spirits as the shadows engulfed me, I would not be done in by such a random accident.

The fall was quick, leaving me little time to react. I twisted and saw the rocky ground fill my gaze, and I closed my eyes and tried to accept my end. It was then we collided, my shoulder taking much of the hit, and my head began to see stars. The pain that quickly engulfed my arm was sharp, but the pain became a welcome feeling to my senses, for it meant I was still alive.

It took a few minutes for my mind to clear. The fall had really knocked a lot out of me, and the pain still lingered. It was a struggle to pull myself up off the ground, my fingers feeling numb. Once I got to my feet the numbness seemed to subside greatly, but my arm still stung with pain.

I looked up, attempting to gauge how I would get back out. I scanned the ceiling for the hole…

It was not there.

“What da nether…” I whispered, bewildered by the fully shaped stone above me. As my mind began to grasp the possibilities, I heard the voice yell from behind me.

“Over here” the voice bellowed, and I turned quickly with my bow already prepared. It was an orc, but his skin was red like blood. He roared at me, as I heard other steps coming up from behind him. “What be da meaning of dis!?” I yelled, my arm struggling to keep the bow steady. “You fell into one of our traps, wench! Now just to find out what skills you have…”

The orc moved forward, and I didn’t have any more time to hesitate. I let off an explosive arrow, my hand aching from the pull. I missed his head by mere inches, but the explosion knocked him off his feet. “Not good…” I whispered, turning to flee as more shadows of the red eyes bastards sprinted towards me.

I was not going to let them catch me without a fight.

My blood was pumping furiously as I heard the stampede of red orcs running behind me, roars and bellows causing the very ground to quake. They kept remarkable pace with me, so finding a place to hide was going to be impossible. All I could do was try to whittle them down. It was going to be risky.

I turned yet another corner, but it was a dead end. I flipped around and pulled some of my arrows. As they almost landed on me I let off a volley, the close range helping my accuracy even with my injury. A few fell instantly, others wounded and confused. My jaw dropped as I saw how many were after me, a good forty at least. How many of these bastards would they send after a single hunter?

Without time to waste I let off another volley before they regained their composure. More fell and even more became wounded, I had to keep up the pace. I kept firing, over and over, until only a dozen remained. I reached back and to my horror, I only had two arrows left.

“We got her now!” yelled one of the orcs, his eyes filled with hunger. I took out one of my remaining arrows and fired it a few feet in front of me.

“She can’t even shoot straight anymore!” yelled another one, his confidence growing as he climbed over the corpses of his companions. “Well den, why not come and get me?” I taunted them.

The survivors grouped together and began to charge for me, I felt myself sweat as I waited. The heat from their rage was overpowering even the molten flows that moved nearby. I just hoped my final gambit would work.

As they hit the location of my arrow, I braced my legs. I heard the click and smiled as I jumped backwards, disengaging from the radius.

The orcs were taken entirely by surprise from my explosive trap, those that didn’t die instantly were launched into one of the nearby molten flows. Their roars quickly turning to silence.

For the first time in the last few minutes I could stop to breathe. My arm still ached, and I would likely need a healer to get it healthy again. Now I just had to figure out how to get to the surface.

“You!” came a yell from behind me, but before I could turn I felt a shoulder smash into my back. I went flying down into the rocks, turning over to see my attacker. His face was burned on one side, and his left arm filled with two of my arrows, it took me no time to figure out it was the first orc that charged me.

“Did you really think all of us would be so stupid as to fall for your trap?” he grinned.

“Considerin how stupid most of ya were, den yes, I thought so. I mean, if ya face be any indication.” I answered.

The orc stopped and looked around a bit, his grin leaving him and his face showing annoyance, “Why you little… You killed all of my men… it will take months before my master will honor me with more minions.”

“Oh well dat be too bad.” I said, careful to not show my movements. I had one arrow left, and I planned to make it count.

“The way I see it, you owe… what!?” he said as he spotted me reaching for my quiver.

He jumped at me with a growl, much faster then I anticipated. I felt his body tumble into mine and knock me down, forcing my head to hit hard on the rocks. At that point, everything went black.


I awoke who knows how much later, my eyes hazy and my breathe short. My arm still stung in pain but that was nothing compared to the great pressure I felt on my body, and as everything came into focus I saw the half-burned face of that red orc sitting on top of me.

“What… what be da meanin of dis!?” I said barely coherent. It took me a moment longer to realize my armor was completely gone, as was that of the red orc. “I told you, bitch, you owe me.” he said, a grin once again filling his face. “Women of strength are gifted to my master, but considering what you did to me, only fair I get the first taste!”

“Ya bastard of a kodo!” I yelled as I struggled with him. I looked down, his cock sitting on my chest erect and ready. He seemed to enjoy holding me down, waiting just for this moment of me waking up so he could rub it into my face. I had to make sure not to give him the satisfaction.

“Ya plan to fuck me with dat little cock? I guess I not be worryin den, not like I will feel anytin.”

“You got a real mouth on you, bitch! Maybe I should stuff something in there to shut you up…” he said as he kept holding me down, my movement intensifying as I came back much more to my senses.

“Do it!” I said before clamping my teeth a few times in front of him, making sure to exaggerate each bite. He shrank back a bit, “Why you… I should just knock your teeth out!” he said, trying to regain control. “Ya could, but dats why I have tusks…” I said, licking my tusks gently as I pushed forward my verbal attack, waiting for him to give me an opening.

“Enough of this!” he said as he pushed himself off me, pushing me into the ground as he lifted up to his feet. Before I could react his arms reached for my hips and wrapped around my back, lifting me effortlessly into his embrace. I felt him start to slide me down towards his cock, “No ya don’t, mon… Ya don’t get it dat easy.”

I was quick to use my newly freed hands to throw him off balance, pushing away at his chest and chin. “Why you…” he growled before my hand pushed his jaw shut. I move my hips, preventing his cock from lining up. As we struggled I found his hold weakening, and I was quick to react, dropping my legs to the ground and twisting around.

He continued to try and penetrate me from behind, but I grew more aggressive with my attacks, elbowing him a few times in the jaw. He reeled back with each strike, his howls of surprise and pain filling the cavern as I continued my struggle. My heart was racing. “Ya can’t even hold a little woman like me down, and ya expect to be fuckin me? I see betta effort out a goblin. Ya be pathetic, mon.”

All of a sudden his arms left my waist and I found myself off balance. He pushed me sternly from the back and I fell on my chest with a thud. Once again the wind was knocked out of me.

As my breath returned to me I felt him grab my leg and pull me back. “Pathetic!?” he snarled, “You are the weak one! Not me!” he all but roared as he continued, twisting my body around and grabbing my other leg to lift me up.

I felt pressure in my back and pain in my leg as he held me there, making sure I couldn’t wiggle out. “Now be a good girl… and stop struggling!”

His eyes almost glowed with fire as he dropped my leg, letting my back fall again to the floor. He moved to his knees, pushing my legs apart. I was at a loss for words, the air still out of me, but I still struggled. I couldn’t let this nasty bastard get away with it.

As he moved his cock closer and began touching my pussy lips, I took an opening from the side, bringing up my leg. He was taken once again by surprise as I thrust it up into his jaw, his roar of pain outdoing any that came before it. “Neva! I will struggle until I can’t move!” I yelled as my leg came back down, trying to find footing to push away and make a break for it.

I felt my body get off the stone, but he recovered faster then I expected, tackling me back down and twisting me over. He reached around and grabbed me under the neck, squeezing gently. “You son of…” was all I could say before he squeezed tighter, making it hard to breath. “I am done playing this game. You want to be a bitch, I will fuck you like a bitch, and in the end you will love it like a bitch. You belong to me!”

He let off his grip as I felt him move down, his cock hugging my ass. I attempted to pull him off but his weight was to much, keeping me pinned to the ground. “No!” I said as he found his mark, rubbing once again on the lips of my pussy, “Already wet… Like all bitches, your body betrays you!” he said with a grim chuckle as he started pushing in, my mind tensing as I felt his cock push past my lips and begin to fill me. The conflict did have an arousing factor, something innate to my kind, but I couldn’t dare show that weakness.

As his cock finished pushing all the way into of me, my body began quivering from the thickness. I tried to pull free but he had all his weight into me, keeping me down as he held his cock inside. “Ya gonna pay for dis!” I said to him as my body began to heat up, my breath increasing as he began the first of his thrusts. I attempted to hold back, keeping my face from looking at him as I bit my lip. “Well, bitch, how does it feel pushing into your womb? To be torn apart by a true orc?” he said, his arrogance reflecting in his voice.

“Dis is how you fuck? I barely feel a ting.” I said defiantly, his voice once again changing to annoyance. “Even with my cock pushing into you, you have to be a smart mouth. I am going to fuck that right out of you!”

I felt his cock pull out of me, and his weight lift from me. I pleaded with my body to run but it was still quivering from his strong thrusts. I felt him reach down and lift up my hips, using his other arm to keep my chest down. He pulled apart my legs and braced himself between them, exposing as much as ever. He pushed into me again, his thrusts increasing in speed an intensity as he put his whole body into it. “You… fuck like a gnome…” I said, my breath leaving me and with it much of my resistance.

I was losing control, the primal urges becoming stronger each time his cock rubbed deep inside. I awaited his response but he seemed to give up counting my verbal barbs. His arm holding me down quickly reached over taking me by the hair and pulling me up, sharp pain coursing through me from the violence from which he yanked me. I felt his knees hit the floor as our angles shifted, and I threw my hand back to gain balance only to have his free arm quickly grab it.

It was not just his body pushing inside me now, but he was pulling my body back with every thrust. I felt the energy build inside me, the heat growing and my cheeks felt as red as flame. I bit down on my tongue, trying to keep silent, but it was just too much. I let out a long cry, screaming as the echos filled the caverns. He turned my head to the side, looking hard at my face. Out of the corner of my eye I saw him smile, a wicked grin that stabbed my like the sharpest sword. He knew it, the pleasure had taken me.

He kept up the momentum for awhile, holding me tight and digging into my wrists. My tits bounced with each thrust, shaking just out of my perspective. I felt the heat, I was growing more and more horny. My mind wandered to home, when the troll men of the tribe would come to my hut and fuck me for hours.

I heard a grunt as his arm released one of my hands and pulled the other, twisting me around onto my back once again. His cock was still inside me, twisting deep as he pulled on my legs. I instinctively lifted my hips, allowing him easier thrusts, so that his cock would keep going balls deep. I felt my hands grow numb at my sides as I opened my eyes, his own red eyes peering down at my jiggling breasts as they bounced with each penetration. Before long his eyes met with my own, “Look at you, troll, laying there…taking it like a little whore.” he growled with a smirk on his face, “Are all trolls this easy to break?”

I felt my stomach turn, “Fuck you…” was all I could say, my face a mixture of anger and embarrassment. He simply laughed, “You are… very willingly it seems.” I couldn’t take it anymore, I tried to lower myself and push away from him, but he caught my movement and lifted himself back up to his feet. I felt my hips come up almost above my head, his cock hammering into me from above. “Stop…” I whispered, but I was lying to myself, the position was like nothing I had experienced, all his weight falling hard into me, the pain from my back only adding to the pleasure.

“We will stop when I have stuffed my seed deep into that little womb of yours.” he yelled, holding my legs down, “Now say it…” he roared, “Tell me you want more!”

I couldn’t hold it anymore, I was so wet, my pussy clenching tight around him. “No…” I still tried to resist, my breathing was on the verge of hyperventilation as I felt my body climb closer and closer to climax. “Say it!” he roared again, increasing his rhythm even more. My tits felt sweaty and my body yearned for him to touch them, squeeze them. “No!” I yelled again.

I felt my hips fall a bit as he let go of my legs, dropping his body down between them hard and forcing his hand down around my neck and arm. I gasped with surprise, his face close to mine as he squeezed my wrist, “I said say it you little bitch!” he snarled, his face so close I could feel the heat of his breath. “Yes!” I cried out, my body quivering with anticipation, “What was that?” he questioned, a wicked smile crossing his face, “Just keep fucking me! Don’t stop!” I yelled back at him, drool beginning to drip from my mouth.

I felt my knees shake, “Fuck!” I yelled as I felt the sensation build quickly, running down my body and causing me to shake. I was cumming hard, my pussy gushing as I squeezed tight. My mind grew hazy, and no longer did sense guide me, no longer did I think about the fact he was violating me, only the primal lust remained.

“Look at you…” he said, attempting to embarrass me further, “You are gushing!”

I didn’t care anymore, my legs squeezing around his body tighter with each following thrust. “Shut up and fuck me!” I screamed at him. His eyes flared with red, demonic power as his grunts grew tense, his grip around my arm tightening and I felt his cock throb deep inside me. He was about to cum. “Oh no ya don’t!” I said as I felt my blood go crazy, the primal energy overtaking my body more and more. My muscles grew tense and I felt ten times stronger. I was going berserk.

“What… Can’t move..!?” was all he said as my thighs squeezed tight around his hips. I smiled at him as I threw my legs up, vaulting him over me like a rag doll. He hit the stone with a thud as I rolled over on top of him, his cock still penetrating deep inside me, he attempted to grab my arms to pull me off, but I pushed them away, “This strength… how…” he said as he struggled to move, my thighs squeezing so tight I could feel his cones shaking under the pressure.

I smiled at him, “Ya released a wild animal, now we gonna do things my way.”


“No more…” he whimpered as I pushed hard into him. I had lost track of the time as I rode him like a raptor in heat. Had it been one hour? two? ten? I didn’t care. I made sure to push only enough to satisfy myself and leave him on the cusp of his own orgasm many times.

The few times he was able to cum I quickly made sure to get him ready again, continuing our encounters. His body long ago went limp from the strain, unable to hold up with my stamina. “Oh fuck!” I yelled as I could feel his cock throbbing inside me again, yet another fountain of cum about to make way.

I jumped from him, wrapping my lips around his cock and sucking hard. His cum shot deep into my mouth, filling every side. A bit dripped out, but I was quick to lick it up. “Ugggg….” was all he could say as I started stroking his member, preventing it from growing limp.

“You bitch…” he whispered yet again, my legs holding down his own as I stroked his cock with my tongue, “I thought dis be what ya wanted?” I replied with a wicked smile, taking his cock once again deep into my mouth. My tongue danced around the head, keeping it lubricated as I felt my own juices dripping down my legs.

With his cock once again as hard as iron I pulled myself back up, sliding it deep into my pussy. I felt my hips collide hard with his, his cock spreading me further. The pleasure was heavy, weighing hard on me as my legs tingled with anticipation. “Oh… oh….” I whispered as I felt my body once again quiver. “Dis is it!” I screamed out as I thrust harder and harder, holding myself up on his legs. “Not again!” I heard him yell out, his body quaking gently with all the energy he could muster. I held him tight, making sure he didn’t move, “No! Dis… dis is happening!”

His weak struggles soon gave out as his head fell back and his the floor. I felt his cock throbbing inside me once again, “Oh ya like… dis?” I taunted him, but he didn’t speak. I felt my body give way, “Oh… oh…. fuck!” I screamed, hearing it echo through the caves. I had no time to move as his cock exploded his cum deep inside me, my own juices exploding all over him as my stamina finally gave out. I collapsed off him, my breathing hard but my body satisfied.

As I lay on the warm stone, my blood began to cool. I reached down, rubbing my sore lips as the haze over my eyes began to dissipate. I could smell the sweat, the cum, the burning rock. I looked back at the orc, his body motionless. I crawled up to him, digging my nails hard into his skin as I pulled my still quivering body up to him. His eyes were open, but his breathing was slow and body stiff like a corpse. “Not dat fun when ya be the one on the other side, huh? Ya bastard…” I said into his worn eyes, his burned face still charred. He ended up being a better fuck then I wanted to admit, but I was not going to give him that satisfaction before he expired.

“Impressive.” came another voice from behind me, a sinister guttural growl. I attempted to turn but felt hands reach down and grab my arms, yanking me up. They held my wrists like iron shackles and twisted me around like I was a doll. As one of the orcs holding me pulled my hair, forcing my gaze upward, I saw the one that spoke earlier. He was large and commanding, dark horns jutting out of his twisted face. “Greaz…” he called out to the shadows, a orc with skin as black as night stepped forward and moved to the side of the bastard still laying motionless below us, “Take this weakling to the lab, make sure he is stronger than before.”

Greaz nodded, “Yes, master.” before whistling for two more orcs to step forward, pulling the orc across the ground without much care. “Oh and Greaz.” the massive orc continued, “Make it painful.”

The dark skinned orc nodded once again, before vanishing into the shadows. “Let me go!” I yelled as I attempted to struggle, but my blood had cooled too much to overpower the two beasts holding me. The large orc turned his attention back to me, his eyes peering through my very soul, “As for you, troll, welcome to my kingdom.”

I looked away from him, not even answering. “You are a defiant one… I like that. You will do well here… once I break you in.”


I felt my heart sink as they pushed me into the chamber, the spikes from the nearby cells hiding cowering shadows. I had heard stories of the fortress, that they should be cleared of the vile fel Horde, but my eyes saw the truth. They were as strong as ever.

“You here.” the orc behind me yelled as he yanked me to the side, pushing my back hard as I tumbled into the nearby cell. “I swear on the spirits I will escape this place! You all gonna to be sorry!” I yelled out, trying as hard as I could to hide the despair building inside me.

“Shhhh…” came a voice from the side, and I turned to see a night elven woman leaning on the wall, “All you’re doing is making your situation worse.”

“My situation!?” I yelled, punching hard into the steel bars, “What da ya know of my situation?”

The elven woman pushed herself from the wall, walking towards me with a otherworldly grace. In anger I pulled my fist back, letting out a rage filled punch towards her, but she easily blocked it, pushing me back with one strike of her palm. I made a small sound as I felt some of the wind leave me. “Are you done?” she whispered sharply. There was a fierceness in her eyes, only slightly hidden behind the wisdom and age she was outwardly projecting. As I let some of what remained of my pride heal, I noticed her outfit, black and red, a contrast to her silver hair and white eyes.

In the darkness of the cell it was easy to see her clothes glowing with the same dark runes that adorned my own. Both a prisoner and a fighter, she was like me.


Taming the Hunter, By Rexx

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I felt like your storywriting kept me on edge for ages just like the orc!


I liked the ending of the story. I always loved trolls, and she looks super cute in her slave outfit.


Was a bit iffy on the choice of troll but damn the way this story is playing out just……WOW!


Aw yeah, that thorough workout continues with panache!


Great as usual

Seems that Hellfire orcs can soon get a new hunter to track down the intruders

Impressive work!


Excellent struggle! I appreciate the variety of poses you put her through to establish her fiesty resistance, and ending in prone bone is realistic due to the bulk pinning her down!


Alright! It continues! I appreciate how not only she didn’t give up, but is capable of taking on a small army of 40. 😀


Wow! Just wow! I lvoe the Female Trolls characteristic choice, looking forward on seeing her in action! 😉 Good wrok Rexx!


<3 love your work! <3 I can't wait to see what happens to her.


Trolls are underrated, this one looks fantastic! Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.


At long last! Kujin gets to shine!

…And then be collared and presumably tamed. Hott!