Update – My suspension has been lifted.  Phew

Earlier this afternoon I was emailed by Patreon, informing me that my site was to be temporarily suspended for creating the sites guidelines.  Though they didn’t inform me of what exactly broke the rules, it seemed clear after going over the guidelines that it is my disposition towards rough and non-con erotica.  To get my patreon working again, I have removed any and all posts that may imply those themes, including anthropomorphic works as I was told those also break guideline rules.

What does this mean for my site here? Nothing.  This site is my own, and does not belong to Patreon, thus they would have no right to police it.  I will no longer post content that they find questionable on the patreon site proper, but I will not remove what I post here for their own standards.  What that means for the update structure, I still have to work out, but I will still post any and all content I enjoy here without issue while also satisfying the patreon guidelines.

For those that patron me, I am sorry for the sudden downtime due to this issue, and I am doing what I can to fix it.  You should still be able to see all the posts here that are under the patreon login, and thanks again for all the support.  I also wish to thank all those that visit here to check out my works, you have always supported me and no matter what happens I will continue to create for everyone.

Now enjoy this older image of Jaina undergoing the feeling I am having right now.  Cheers.