Weekly Random-A-Thon Image!

Weekly Random #1

“You know, you didn’t have to tie me up.” Jaenel said with a moan, her unexpected lover pushing deeper inside her with each thrust.  “You didn’t seem to protest earlier.” he replied, his eyes looking over her body as is glistened in the sun.

She turned her head to the side and closed her eyes, “You seemed a bit resistant… I figured it would make you more comfortable.” she answered, moving her hips with each of his thrusts.

“Well… we did attempt to kill each other for the last hour.” he said, lifting up her legs and pushing harder, his cock dripping with her juices  “You might have been trying to trick me.  Never know what to think with you priestesses.”

She giggled, “What, think I would mind control you?”

He laughed in turn, “How do I know you not controlling me now?”

She increased her hip movements, slamming harder onto his cock as her lover struggled to hold her tight.  “If I was mind controlling you, you would be fucking me much harder then this…”

Her lover smiled and began to reach for the ropes, their eyes meeting in mutual lust and desire.  “Touche”

A fun little image to make.  For those wondering why it’s happening in Elwynn, it tied with Nagrand and I just picked at random which one to go with based on the roll of a dice.  I now notice Nagrand, for some reason, is showing a 1% higher point even though they share the same total votes, so I am kind of kicking myself for not noticing that earlier.  Ah well.

Due to the time the next poll will not be up will tomorrow.  Might have to make Monday the normal time to start new ones.  As for Hellfire, expect more images midweek.

6 Responses to Weekly Random-A-Thon Image!

  • I couldn’t be happier with the picture I’m very glad you chose the female to be the night elf

  • It’s a very good picture that you gave us Rexx, thank you for that. I love the fact that the Night Elf is tied up and how you colored the the whole. Your little story associated to it is an enjoyable bonus too !

    On a more subjective matter… I share the view of Cutiepie: as a M/F couple, I think a male Night Elf on a female Blood Elf would have been better. It’s like when an orc and a blood elf are together, in my opinion the orc must be the male but then again, it’s a matter of opinion.

    Can’t wait to see the next random-a-thon

    • I mostly chose the couple I did because Night Elf won, and I figured most wanted the Night Elf to be female (I always did have a thing for the nelf ladies, obviously). If I have time today after making the poll and getting my WoW fix, I may decide to make another bonus one with the genders switched. We will see.

      • I think you shouldn’t make another bonus picture because it would go against the principle of this random-a-thon !
        3 votes: 2 races, one location and one sexy situation then YOU decide what to do with it and I think it’s a good idea.
        I took the time to tell you what I would have preferred to see because I care and I enjoy what you do but… really you shouldn’t try to please everybody.

        There will be several random-a-thons (well I hope) and if in the future the couple Night Elf/Blood Elf is, again, picked, then you will be able to picture a male NE and a female BE.
        By the way you’re right, Night Elf females are super hot but Blood elf females are super hot too and in the case that you want to do some M/F, someone must be a male :p

        Conclusion: I think, me, myself and only me, that you shouldn’t change anything or make another picture. Stay true to your idea !

  • Very nice picture, just hope we get some variety on the races and not always elves or draeneis, bit of everything would be great

  • Good picture, Rexx. Personally, i would have been much happier if their genders were reversed, but I suppose that was all part of the fun of voting. You never know what you were going to get.

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