FelMix! More Rinzy

With how much she is nervously looking around, you would think Rinzy understands how this whole fel orc thing works.

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  • Great work as usual, definitely hope to see more of this gnome girl in the future! Maybe being spit roasted or filled up with a creampie. 😀

  • What Bobsen said, you take your time mate! These are beautiful and thank you so much for making them!

  • @Rexx – the amount of work you churn out is astounding – don’t focus on the one greedy bugger in the throng.
    Your work has really improved, it’s probably the best WoW-pron out there right now – kudos on that!

    Give the people more

  • Gnomes, Pandaren and female orcs turn me completely off. Good thing. More time to study^^

  • Agreed with Rexx, don’t rush shit man, 99% of us are very greateful you do this kind of work for the wow fan community, you did a great work with this one too and again… Can’t wait to see a FJ from a night elf female. Keep up the good work Rexx.

  • Really love the gnome stuff, that’s really a good idea you had here! Thank you again for sharing your work!

  • Alright i abondoned all hope video isnt coming out

    • Would you rather I rush it so it sucks? Rather have me burn out so I decide to retire from this? I understand some want the video now, and it will happen someday (I put too much effort into it to scrap it), but since this is a hobby and not a job I don’t want to rush it and lose all my regular free time.

      • Just give us an eta man 😀 Ofc i dont want you to feel burned out. An eta is all i want 🙁

        • Would you rather I give you an ETA I likely won’t meet, leading to more dissapointment. Or would you rather log on one day this year and notice a long-ass video out of the blue?

          I think in the future when I come up with video ideas I am just not even going to mention I am making them. That way I can just come out with it and make people go “WOAH!” rather then miss deadlines and watch as everyone lowers their head in disappointment. =(

  • I love that you’re finally adding more gnomes to your repertoire! Moarr! And sick work as usual!

  • Love how much you play around with the new gnome models. *g*
    They’ve got a sweet spot in your dark heart, don’t they?

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