Fel Friday! Syn the Succubus!


When not being summoned through the Nether to fight for her mistress, Syn likes to spend her free time as one of Ravage’s demonic harem. “It sure beats being stuck in a Soulstone!”

9 Responses to Fel Friday! Syn the Succubus!

  • I just had a thought, are there no female Fel-orcs? Might be an interesting turn for a gif.

  • Love the Succubus, hope to see more of her in the future

  • The “peeping tom” perspective is cute. 😀

  • I agree with Anon about the POV “looks up and down”, it should stay focused at one area for second or two and look up, few secs, and down.

    • It was either have camera movement to see both, or just do one (likely face). I don’t have enough time during the loop to make it linger on both.

  • HostGator seems to be giving a 404 error on this image and the past few images I’ve check for the 720 version. Any chance we can get the 720 versions back up? Love your work!

    • That was my bad. I altered the name of the folder system to be easier down the road. It’s going to kill all the older links but this post should have the updated one. All my 720 versions of any image I should work into the size should be up now.

  • This one is pretty cool, but the POV angle ‘looks up and down’ way to quickly. IMO I think it should stay at one area for a few loops then look up, then back down.

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