Kyla and the Ogre


“Me like goat lady. Lady make ting go boom! Haha!” the Ogre laughed. “Yes, I am… huh… glad you are enjoying yourself. Now remember, don’t put it in, otherwise you break… huh… goat laby, okay?” Kyla said as she quivered. She looked out on the upon the spires of Arak, “Light, I hope he listens.”

7 Responses to Kyla and the Ogre

  • Supprised snobody else caught the typo on the second goat lady. Haha great work here though Rexx

  • I was really hoping to see that go in her. Hnnnnnng.

  • Hah, nice. By the way Rexx, the new draenei female and undead female models are live on Beta right now. I must say they are VERY fap worthy!

  • Miss.. miss.. miss.. miss.. miss..
    Damn that ogre that cant hit that =(
    It seems we need an orc or something, that CAN DO the job!
    Bloodelf? Maybe! 😛

  • *pssst* ogre, don’t listen!

  • This is awesome!

    Also, looking forward to the follow up because the poll said “What Draenor race would you like to see fuck this Thursday?” and I’m pretty sure this isn’t fucking! (I’m just kidding :P)

  • uuuu, dam ogre is a kinky one. What a lucky bastard D:<

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