Commission – A Willing Surrogate


“Though most resist becoming a surrogate to the mantid royal eggs, a few adventurers find themselves more then willing to take part. This draenei had befriended a brood mother, and offered herself be injected with the fertilized clutch. Though the Mantid saw fit to restrain her in amber, just in case.”

6 Responses to Commission – A Willing Surrogate

  • Slow and gentle…. I love it! 😀

  • Ok, Rexx. I’m going to go under the assumption that our little draenei here is going to give birth to those eggs naturally and she knows this. Becaues what woman on Azoroth would be “willing” do be a surrogate if the babies were just going burst out through her tummy. XD

    • I don’t think they waste a good surrogate womb in that way whit her tummy bursting out babies. More likely they ues fail adventures and fail raiders wombs as incubators in a breeding chamber/trophy room over and over 🙂

  • I know it’s REALLY subtle, but I really like how you animated her belly. Dunno why, but I like seeing it move while she’s being screwed, especially in the POV angle! :3

  • Best girls are pregnant one’s 🙂 or soon to be 🙂

  • Very hot 😉

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