Stadium of Spoliation Redux

So at one point over the weekend I decided I didn’t want to have a bitter taste anymore for this image, and so I decided to make it my own, even though the rendering was going to be horrendous on my junky old weekend system. I altered the girls to the new buff girl I am creating (clean version, for visual parity, though later she will have tattoos to some degree) and a random blonde. Looks like they couldn’t handle the Stadium of Spoliation. I even added two poses just for the hell of it. Enjoy.

3 Responses to Stadium of Spoliation Redux

  • I’m loving the facial expressions. Is that because of the new models or more experience animating? I hope you keep the blonde though. Maybe a dopey sidekick who gets the buff girl into sticky situations.

  • I’m Enjoy, I’m Enjoy ;P mmmmhhhhh more now well dogystyl riding ooooohhhhhh yyyeeeeaaaahhh ;P 😀

  • When people ask me if I would go gay for someone i answer: Rexx
    because sometimes i love him so damn much

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