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“Ah what a beautiful day.” Korkal whispered as heavy wind whipped through the valley, kicking up dust and sand.  The sun was bright, it’s prevailing rays scorching the hot earth below, not a single cloud to obstruct the mornings most important event.  In the distance, a horn echoed from the gates, the massive wooden doors slowly opening to reveal a caravan of different peddlers and merchants.  Korkal eyed the arrivals with a sly grin, “It’s time.”

The auction went on for hours into the torrid afternoon, many spoils of war were sold or bartered for gold coins galore.  As the sun raised to its highest point, the auctioneer declared an end to the days sales.  Many of the merchants packed back up and left with great speed back to the city proper, but a few lingered.  They looked with great attention back at the auctioneers platform.

“Now with the rats gone, are the wolves ready to feast?” the goblin auctioneer bellowed with a salacious smile.  Korkal could hear the bawdy crowd roar as he walked up to the occupied cage, “It’s time to make yourself useful, bitch.” he snarled as the night elven women sat defiant in the nearby corner, “No one orders me around.” she sneered back, refusing to stand.  Korkal grinned, reaching in and grabbing the chain that held her restraints, he pulled sharply till she raised to her knees.  She snarled and spit at him with further defiance, “I won’t be sold like some cheap commodity!” she yelled, trying to hold hard to the cage.  “Fine, we do this the hard way.” Korkal goaded as he began to pull, her grip soon failing as she was dragged out into the courtyard itself.

“You… you won’t get away with this!” she threatened as the orc warboss linked her chains to the nearby post on the platform.  Korkal looked over at the sleazy auctioneer, giving him a accepting nod to start the bid.  The goblin raised his lips in excitement, “Fine gentlemen, we have a real treat today. Say hello to one of the highest ranking generals of the Sentinel army itself!  Shan’dala Moonrise! She can be yours! For only a modest sum of shiny shinnies.”

There were hushed gasps from the crowd at the news.  Shan’dala was well known among the orcs for her ruthless combat prowess.  All of them began to wonder what the gang had done to score such a prized hostage, but none were willing to ask. “How about we start the bidding at one hundred gold. She can work the pig farms or just be a pig, don’t matter to me. Do I hear one hundred?”

“One hundred!” yelled an orc in the back.  “No, two hundred!” came another voice from the side, a diminutive goblin wringing his slimy hands together.  “Okay two hundred, do I hear…” the auctioneer began to yell, only to be cut off by the sudden tight squeeze of his shoulder.  “Hey what are you…” was all he could say, his face turned white and frozen as he peered up at his new guest.  The crowd became silent, either out of surprise, or maybe even fear.

Even Shan’dala herself paused her struggles, a sense of dread sending a chill down her spine.

Korkal turned his head, curious about the interruption, only to see a familiar form standing over his auctioneer.  “Fuk’ya? What the hell are you doing?”

The troll was not as massive as most of his kind, but stood tall among those around him and held high rank among the Blackbone Gang.  His sharp eyes peering, unblinking, at the goblin. “What… what you…” the goblin began to gulp out as the troll leaned in closer, his hot breath now heating up the terrified auctioneer’s face.  Without a word, the troll took a coin purse, dropping it into the goblins hands, removed his grip and walked up to the platform stairway.  With a relieved sigh, the auction operator opened the purse to count it’s contents.  “Thrall’s balls! Ten thousand gold!?” he bellowed in shock.

The crowd began to boo and argue over the sudden turn of events, but all that was drowned out to the figures occupying the platform.  Korkal knew the troll shadowhunter wanted this one badly, but he had forbid him from tainting her, due to her high value, but he never expected the troll to actually pay for her.  Shan’dala herself narrowed her eyes at the trolls pale visage, she had seen him many times, his visage appearing out of the corner of her eye before vanishing, faint whispers entering her ears as if a ghost.  She thought he was a dream, or better yet a nightmare.  “I swear I will not go quietly! I am a general. Unchain me at once and let me show you, cowards!” she said through gritted teeth.  Fuk’ya peered deep into Korkal’s eyes and gave a light nod, the two having a wordless exchange.

“Fine, but you better share some later.” Korkal huffed as he pulled on the chain, the lock unlinking and releasing the night elves hands from the post, before he jumped off the platform to join the others below.

As the troll and elf stood, sizing eachother up, Fuk’ya pulled out his dagger.  Shan’dala took a wide combat stand, preparing to defend from a piercing attack, only to be surprised when the troll threw the dagger at her feet.  She looked down, confused, before looking back up and locking eyes with the savage.  “Fight.” was all he whispered.

With a quick roll Shan’dala picked up the dagger with incredible reflex, lunging hard at the troll. With a quick shift Fuk’ya adjusted and dodged the attack, using his other hand to grab and rip at the women’s clothing.  “What!?” she yelled as her top garments fluttered in the wind, exposing her large, supple breasts to the onlooking crowd below, “How… how dare you!?” Shan’dala continued to scream as she made another attack, this time trying to compensate for the trolls movements, “Got you now!” she yelled, but with a twist that almost seemed ghoulish, Fuk’ya bent and tucked past the strike again, grabbing this time at her lower garment, which quickly ripped and fluttered away.

Shan’dala now stood naked upon the platform, her eyes flaring with both rage and embarrassment, “I am going to kill you!” she yelled as she attacked now wildly, this time getting a few light cuts as Fuk’ya continued to stay ahead of her attacks.  “You will not make a fool of me!” Shan’dala bellowed as she made one last desperate lunge, only to feel a swift kick to her feet sweeping her high off the ground.  The dagger flew from her hands to the dirt below as she hit the back of her head with a thunderous bang.

Dazed, the eleven general could only watch as the troll undressed himself leisurely.  “I… I can’t lose to you!” she stuttered as she tried to bring herself back to her feet, but it was not long before she could feel the rough skin of her rivals palms grabbing her by the ankles.  “No!” she tried to protest as he yanked her up legs and hips up high, taking his own feet and stepping hard on her arms, to keep her body steady, “You can’t do this! Not here in front of these gawking idiots! Don’t you freaks have any honor!?” she yelled as Fuk’ya began to rub his erect cock lightly onto her pussy, her hips trying hard to shift and break herself free, but it was no use, she was at his mercy. “I… I won’t… I will never beg!”

Down below, Korkal laughed as his gangmate slowly penetrated the elf deep into her slit, her screams of humiliation echoing off the valley walls, “I love this place.”

The Auction, By Rexx (Dark)

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Nice, one of my favourite poses! 😀
Especially the POV,


I really love stuff like this. It’s so.. Risqué. Valnoressa has a similar short story on her website called The Iron Auction, and both of these stories are just so alluring. Keep up the great work, I would LOVE to see more like this, dealing with the horde slave auctions.