Khyy shuddered and her eyes rolled back as another orgasm struck, the circumstances of the past day were a blur. It’s been three hours of “party” and no rest in sight.

The Orcess went cross-eyed as she was yanked backwards into the powerful Vrykul. “I thought you greenskins were tougher than this. I’ve not even cum once yet, and look at you…”

A bright blush touched upon Khyy’s cheeks, the reality was that she was more submissive than she cared to admit to her new jailor. A submissive orc is rare indeed, and rarely a issue for her friends, but tonight yielded a special set of circumstances that made her submissive side… slightly more unwelcome. Looking like she loved this wouldn’t sell what Khyy was trying to do.

All thoughts of frustration subsided as her eyes moved to her new friend Lei. The Pandaren squealed and moaned, eyes rolling back as she struggled and pulled on the binds. But it was clear the young Pandaren woman couldn’t hold back a blissful cry. The Vrykul fucking her went balls deep, again and again, and it was clearly driving her wild. She shifted in her binds and made eye-contact with her orc friend, the only one who knew what was going on. Khyy sneaked Lei a stern stare between lustful pants… they could enjoy it, but Lei needed to play the part as well. Lei nodded quickly, struggling through an orgasm as she was hilted completely.

“You like that, do you?!”

Lei could only nod, struggling in her binds as she shuddered and shook.

Next were the two humans. All fight and fire, and two of Khyy’s closest friends. It hurt watching them like this, the bitter struggle. Neither were particularly good at coping with defeat.

“Let GO of me y’disgusting, tall, over muscled FREAK!” screamed Beatrix, Lowmaine to her friends. She kicked and squirmed, much to the delight of the Vrykul nailing her.

“I love a feisty woman, and you’re as feisty as they get!” He slammed into her, piledriving her into the ground, the loud slaps of skin on skin echoing in the room.

“I-I’ll show YOU feisty y-you… OOoooooohhhh-!!”

And with one more violent thrust, something snapped. Beatrix was lost in an absolute haze of pleasure. She trembled and shook as the giant slid her futher across the table, a result of the powerful thrusting. Her head slid off the side, lost in a haze of bliss.

Ember fared no better. She fought the hardest, screamed the loudest. She was the strongest, after all, and for a great deal of time she kept hurting anyone who tried to touch her. Blow for blow she’d handled nearly everyone that tried to fuck her, until they all teamed up on the red head… and for nearly an hour and a half Ember needed to be practically curated to accept her fate. Fucking was not good enough, she needed to be held down, lifted up, slammed and bound. The end result was the circumstances she found herself in now, full nelsoned for nearly a half hour, the relentless fucking had her cross eyed and lost in a haze.

“U-UUaaaahhh! O-Oh fuck! Oh FUCK! I-I… A-Ahhhhhhhhh!!”

She creamed all over the brute’s cock, but this caused not even a second of slow down, as he continued to recklessly thrust his cock into the redhead, her size and strength.

“Raaaaaaahhhhh! You are tight even still, warrior woman!”

Ember’s eyes rolled back, unsure how much more of this she could handle. Khyy hoped deep down that Ember could last until the Vrykul fell asleep… her well laid plan needed some muscle to get the job done.

Finally, she looked down towards her best friend, beautiful and fierce, and the elf besides her that was just as beautiful. Lenorah and Sylvera. With each thrust, some sort of Kal’Dorei or Sin’Dorei curse was muttered or screamed. With each pounding of thighs, a full, rounded pair of breasts bounce wildly… both large for their frames, but Sylvera easily taking the cake.

A lot rode on these two, Khyy told herself. She wanted to tell Lennie of her plans, but it was important she reacted as she often did, with elven pride. With the fury of the Light, or the Fury of Elune respectively. Wild and fierce, a quick grasp of the neck and a quick squeeze brought the pair of elves in line… but only for a little while. Their blushes were undeniable though… Khyy knew Sylvera and Lennie, by the end they would be begging for more. Such were the way of these two… it would be endlessly amusing if the situation were not so dire.

“Yes! I think we’ll be keeping you both a very, very long time.” Skorn said triumphantly. A hand grasped Khyy’s neck gently, pulling her way back into Skorn’s lap… a thrill climbed up her spine as she was hilted. The orc’s eyes rolled back, she was about to lose herself again, but she needed to stay focused.

“What do you have to say about that, orc?”

Khyy gasped softly. “I… say we deserve it, master…”

There was surprise, but an affirmation in the form of a few harsh thrusts, making her cum again.

“Good, orc slut. You’ll get along fine here.”

Khyy believed it, she couldn’t tell her party, her friends, because she needed them to sell their performances. Khyy knew how to escape, having researched the coming and going of slaves from the Skorn gang for weeks now, the last refuge of Skovald’s family. Khyy had a plan to take them down as well… but it had to happen from the inside, where they were least expecting. The question was when, of course, when would the moment arrive? A day, a week? She took a final glance to her friends before succumbing to the pleasure.

They had endured worse, for much longer. A few more weeks enduring this wouldn’t be too bad.

Skorned, By Azaketh

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