Challenge of Endurance


7 Responses to Challenge of Endurance

  • Marvellous art once again Rexx ! Feed the Bittorent Sync please ! He is starving for months now :'(

  • Is the shine supposed to be sweat? Also dang, was hoping that they were new additions to the Rexxcraft family. Hope you consider gif stories again.

  • Not to fond of The shine on them it makes me think they Are made of rubber or plastic other than that Great Work as usual.

    • Holy Shit!!! AMAZING JOB WarlordEmperorgod Rexx!!!! HUGE THANKS to Maxblackrabbit for sharing such a great commission with us all. Personally I love the sweaty look especially on such well rounded characters as Snow and Beastess… Been long time faves of mine so was blown away to see them in action! I can only hope that Maxblackrabbit commissions another from you… Such fine work..

      Thank you again Rexx!! We are TRULY LUCKY to have you and your contributions.

  • Nice work there! Especially with the different angles and positions. Seems Rexx met his match in terms of stamina on this one.

    Ladies looks familiar actully……say……Snowblind and Beastess, by chance?

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