Iron Friday! Cupcake’s Amoine!

9 Responses to Iron Friday! Cupcake’s Amoine!

  • She’s getting a bit of a work out here.

  • hey when is the second hellfire video coming out

  • “My dick is 2 hot 4 u”
    Hairstyle is annoying
    otherwise its Fucking PERFECT

  • Haha, weird to see this, mostly because I’m in the same guild as her on WoW. Like seeing porn of someone you see every day lol

  • Really like this OC, I wasn’t familiar with her till now. And the animation is great. Think I’ve said this before, and this is pretty minor considering all that is going on, but I really am a fan of the little facial animations you have for the females in these scenes.

  • Does she havbe burn scars? Her right arm sure looks like she has been burnt at some point.

    • It’s hard to notice in this image but she has multiple scars, including one in the center of her chest, a burned arm, a burned face (the area obstructed by the hair) and various other scars on her stomach, back, and legs. That is part of her character.

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