Tumblr 9000 Milestone Appreciation

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  • So many ladies we can’t see the sexy orc. Would have been nice to see an angle with him and Jesana’s faces (like above looking down at them?).

    The short comic that came with this was cute. 🙂 Grats on over 9000!

    • Who cares about orc … when there are so hot chicks around 😛

      • ^^^ Agreed Martin!!

        Also nice of Lakuu to be giving Robyn some attention!

        Nice work and congrats on the milestone WarlordgodEmperor Rexx!!!!

        We are not worthy! (but thanks just the same!)

      • Hah! Don’t assume everyone likes what you like. As a straight lady, I care about seeing male character’s expressions and movements more than the females. Rexx has done some amazing facial expressions for da boys (as well as the girls).

        I have a feeling he probably ran out of time on this one though. Was watching him stream the other day and trying to get these 4 models to cooperate. Didn’t look easy.

  • just awesome and your comic that last page was just funny XD Grats on the 9k milestone!

  • Aww “At least people still like you!” she says. I still like you Jes no matter what and no fucking matter who. Nº1 ever.

  • 11/10 Your awsome rexx

  • Hot damn, that’s a nice shot of Robyn’s feet. If only she showed her feet more during the webcomic :c. Ah well, I can at least dream of a Robyn footjob post in the future.

  • This is actually the afterlife. There were no survivors from the jetski crash.

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