Proud-No-More : Unity Edition

Right-click and hold to move camera. Extra settings open by turning on “UI” with bottom right toggle. Download the executable file here for higher resolution options. Also, whatever you do, don’t touch the circular red button!

33 Responses to Proud-No-More : Unity Edition

  • FaggtyForgettiMomspagetti says:

    Hi, Rexx i really love this project. i hope there will be 32bit ver. of that. i’m tried to openup in browser. Lol, Long live bro!Report

  • Fangforger says:

    I can’t for the life of me get that Cum option to appear. The last Jaina you made with the creampie at the end is the hottest 3d animation I have ever had the honor to watch. I really want to see the creampie you made for this, but there is no Cum tab option for me. What am I doing wrong here?Report

  • Fangforger says:

    Rexx, no matter how hard i’ve tried, I can’t get a Cum option to appear in the Executable version. An option just never appears, what have I not done right?Report

  • tukipidea says:

    my pc is win7 32 bit but the program does not work..

    could you upload a 32 bit program?Report

  • Garinarbis says:

    I don’t know anything about how to programm etc so forgive me if this is insanely hard to do, but is it possible for you to make it so you can press a button and change jaina to another model? like sylvanas or jesena, or the beautiful saaenya:)Report

    • Rexx
      Rexx says:

      Yes but I would have to animate the second model in the loop to be turned off and on, so it won’t happen unless I take the effort to do it. I am looking into retargeting to make that easier.Report

  • remex says:

    will there be some pics for Valeera Sanguinar ?Report

  • Dev says:

    This is fucking amazing.Report

  • Tornadus says:

    Hey Rexx, great work a usual! May i just ask a little thing? Why don’t you use Jaina’s in-game face model? I find it very particular and hotReport

    • Rexx
      Rexx says:

      the face in game is one of the old models, with very little ability for expression. It can look rather derpy too. I made this one to try and match a bit of each of her styles seen over the years.Report

  • Person says:

    Yeah love your work man, been following you for awhile. Would be fantastic if you could start including videos and stuff where there is more of Orcs and stuff giving the women facials etc. Keep up the good work dude.Report

  • Lowpolydonger says:

    This stuff is fucking brilliant rexxy, you the man! or rather the orc.Report

  • loved it says:

    got an interesting view with the jaina pov to close up on her face, not sure why but love getting close to her face lolReport

  • PL says:

    NO dmg 🙁Report

  • Fray says:

    Oh my god, the Jaina POV camera is the stuff of dreams. The little side-eye from Korkal is a brilliant touch. Is this the future of porn? I hope this is the future of porn.Report

  • Greist says:

    It sounds like someone is stomping through custard lolReport

  • Mira says:

    <3 cam 2Report

  • Anon says:

    Oooooohh….big red button…what does this button doooo? *Finger dramatically advances toward the button*Report

  • Alex says:

    I want to see nude Avyanna!! nude and wetReport

  • Tom says:

    For whatever reason, the executable is freezing when I hit the cum button, guessing that might be on my end though since nobody else is commenting on having that problem. Aside from that though, this is great work!Report

  • Female fan says:

    Hey Rexx, as someone mentioned how hard is it to make a Jaina POV in unity? Or at least a free cam. I love what you have done with unity, and I don’t want to put any pressure on you for features, just want to say that I am loving the female povs. Please don’t stop with them. <3Report

  • Petra says:

    *presses red button*

    Oh… oh shit >.> Uh…

    *flees* *door slam*Report

  • Benny says:

    Can you make it possible to fuck Jaina with Garrosh including cum?Report

  • Sa says:

    The first thing that came to mind was that it’s extraordinary. As I looked around I kept wanting the feet and toes to be more detailed. And then realized that the orc grunts were annoying me and I just wanted to hear her breath as I turned off the orc models. This is so fantastic, thank you so much for creating these images, videos and now I can look around a scene that I could only dream of on my own. This is art.Report

  • Jere says:

    fantastic, is this the soundtrack that was fan made for your other Jania one (I never could get that to work :(, )Report

  • wtflolo says:

    It’s great, I love it!

    I think you’re making great progress, but do you think it would be possible for you to add the option to cum inside/etc?Report

  • Petra says:

    Your skill is progressing so fast it’s redonk, dude. Really excited to see what you can get out of this program.

    I think a lot will be pretty happy with the option for invisible orcs/pepe. Just like some of those hentai with floating or invisible dicks. If someone has a hangup? Bam, invisible’d!

    I really appreciate you adding the Jaina pov angle separately! 😀 Couldn’t find a good angle with the player. The option to make the ‘victim’ invis (or at least their top half) would help with pov angle since part of the problem with that is the camera clipping. Just a thought.Report

  • smaug says:

    Great work, but i kinda liked the completely free camera of Saaenya than this one, i can’t check jaina’s ass.

    I don’t know if this is practical/possible in unity, but if you can align a camera with characters eyes, you should add a switch to camera position option something like this : default1-n, jainaPOV, voregoshPOV, garroshPOV, chirperPOV, FreeCAM. This way people can easily switch to POV angles, or reset when they fucked up the angle while floating.Report

  • Zuldan says:

    I love it Great

    Desired Ihne still a good health and Ihne never the motivation goes out;)Report

  • Mira says:

    I wish I was Jaina! 😛Report

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