Iron Friday! Mission Failure! (More Pending)

7 Responses to Iron Friday! Mission Failure! (More Pending)

  • This is one of the greatest scenes you’ve ever lovingly crafted. Holy shit, HOTTTTTTTTT!!

  • You labeled Kharon as Shai.

  • The camera rocking was just to try it out. I see other animators use the effect and sometimes it makes it feel a bit more strong.

    I added a slew of other angles now without the rocking.

  • Perhaps it’s just me but why is everything shaking so much? If I didn’t know better they were all living on an Red Orc Submarine and they are under attack! LOL But I suppose if the Orc Sub is a Rockin’…

    Please don’t take this as disapproval merely just me being a bit slow and easily confused…

    Still appreciate everything you have done and continue to do Lord Rexx!

    • that or they are fucking in an earthquake lol but hey nothing wrong with that .. but i do a agree a bit there is a bit to much camera rocking in the shot but STILL great stuff keep up the work Rexx 😀

  • Looks more like mission success to me 🙂

  • Lokra is never lucky. None can resist Kharon’s booty.

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