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  • Who cares if the picture is gay? Gay people can’t have pics on this site? Were is written? Really, a lot of words for a stupid matter.

    On a more serious note, Vol’Jin is my favourite character and i’d like to see more pics with him. Being the warchief means having great privileges, right? 😉

  • oh my.. it looks like my ride is here! :)~

  • This is not gay in my book. I have actually wondered when he would create a picture with a single guy in it.

    But even if this was gay, I wouldn’t have anything against. I would actually welcome some bisexual orgy if there ever was one.

  • Why would the warchief of the fucking horde even think about fapping with all those belfs around? :\

  • He looks angry lol

  • This sums up 1 year of his reign.

  • Oh my god Rexx, where did you obtain this rare footage of the Warchief spending this entire Expansion doing Important Warchief Things?!

  • I’m a guy and I don’t see anything gay about it. Neither does my wife. Personally it’s good to see an artist doing things that appeal to men and women alike regardless of preference. Keep it going good, Rexx!

  • GAY

    • If something isn’t your preference, you do realize you don’t even have to post. Just FYI… Anyway, awesome animation Rexx, any chance on getting a Ravage solo? 🙂

    • I also forgot to add, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing gay about this picture, it’s a solo male. Are you saying that any guy that masturbates is gay!?

      • Yeah, its pretty gay to see only a dick on screen as a guy.

        • Yeah for you perhaps. I am completely with Mira on this, there is NOTHING gay about a solo male in any way, shape or form. I also agree that if you do not like the content then just back out and ignore it… no need to be a rude ass about it if you don’t like it. If i isn’t your cup of tea, like I said… you can kindly back out of the page and leave/ignore it.

          Just because the picture doesn’t have a female in it with her tits bouncing around and her getting plowed shouldn’t mean anything. Rexx does a lot of amazing stuff and he’s doing it for free (at least that I am aware of), posting it online for your viewing FOR FREE.

          Love this piece btw Rexx, it looks amazing~ Can’t wait to see other views if you have any of them. Would enjoy more solo’s like this as well! It looks amazing!

        • Someone isn’t secure with their sexuality. 😛

          Awesome animation, Rexx! ;//; Vol’jin looks great!

        • Your name is “Dick Physics” oh the irony.

        • So then you’re gay for watching it? It’s fine man. Glad Rexx is making stuff for you.

          • Maybe you should stop projecting and accept yourself for who you are and come out of the closet.

      • Given this guys response that sounds like a yes, and judging by their knowledge that would mean that all woman that masturbate would be lesbians. After all, seeing only a dick on the screen as a guy is gay to this person.

        • You’re implying being lesbian is bad for a male viewer.
          Its still gay, as the focal point is a vagina, buts it gay for woman, not men
          Since the focal point is a dick, its gay to male viewers, not woman.

          • You sure seem to enjoy “gay” tho, as you keep returning to comment.

          • Can’t help but laugh at the irony that someone going on and on about all things “gay” and being offended by a solo dick is meanwhile using the name “DICK PHYSICS”… I mean you made your point with your first post, however ignorant you might cum across. Other people have disagreed with you. That should have been the end of it. But no.. instead you must keep thrusting your point into every potential hole er umm argument. It seems other people having a contradicktive view to yours is hard for you to swallow. There are rarely any happy endings to this sort of discourse sadly.

            Thanks for the laugh just the same!

          • “Hurr your gay for coming back lol”
            Real mature, sorry for having an argument
            You guys need to stop straw-manning and using ad hominids, you’re embarrassing yourself. If anything you are the one giving me a laugh, its hilarious to see how much anger and stupidity can come from you because of someones opinion.

          • Oh, so you are trolling, ah, that clears it up, because Im not seeing much anger here, except from you (damn, caught in the troll trap 🙁

          • Wow, I’m trolling for having an argument? Damn, I plead guilty.
            And man, im so mad, despite the fact you keep came to insult me and stating your superiority aggressively despite the fact I’m remaining passive aggressive.
            How can someone be so ignorant and insecure? Please stop, its embarrassing.

          • So it doesn’t matter if a lesbian scene is bad for a female viewer, but a gay scene is bad for a male viewer?

          • When was that implied? If I dont like, Im going to state it. If a woman says she doesnt like a lesbian scene, I wont care, its her preference and opinion. Neither should you.
            I posted GAY as a joke and 20 post later of anger, social justice and sensitivity issues we’re here.

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