Rites of Adulthood – Short Story

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  • My god… I dont even know what to say…. amazing story, amazing shots…

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we got a winner!

  • I’ve concatenated everything into one mp4, holy 5 minutes oO

  • i dont know rexx but you’re progressing so fast that you’ll need a team soon. you are taking this to a whole new fucking amazing level!

  • No blowjob bit, Rexx? That’s the only downside to this, honestly.

  • Holy crap, this is awesome, so many gifs in one post, and good ones too! I hate to nitpick, but out of all of the pov ones, there’s none that’s female pov, I’ve also noticed that -some- of the gifs posted are exactly the same as some others.(I don’t mean the same position, I mean like a few had exact copies post of each other) Were they the ones you meant to put the female pov ones in place?

    • I just forgot about the female POV. I might go back and render some if I decide to do a video or make it into a unity thing in a week or two. Right now I need a break to get back on the unity project. It’s falling behind a bit more then I hoped due to life and other itchy distractions.

      Also I know the archive and gallery are messy and may have duplicates, there were over 300 different combos of poses and angles, and I didn’t have time to run through and organize them all. I plan to delete out the duplicates at the start of the week.

  • Jesus Christ, did you have too much to drink? That’s fucking I think 11 different position with multiple angles rendered and positioned in one weekend, are you okay?
    Why’d you do so much? I’m not complaining, but god damn at most I’d see three in a week

    • Haha I actually worked on this since sometime middle of the week before last. I planned to post it before the Garona Fel Friday, but then I got an itch to make more angles and poses out of it, and so another week later, here I am.

  • Liking the new characters!

  • Finally some troll love ♥ !

  • Not sure what to comment really, hard to top this that’s for sure.

  • has always been of the opinion that one Solte make different hairstyles for all breeds to ganglich looks top

  • All these positions, and that build up. Not a finisher in sight. You almost had me buddy. Hope you make another creampie soon. You and Secaz do the best ones I’ve seen.

    • As a fellow lover of creampies and finishing in general, I feel your pain. 🙁 However I recall Mr. Rexx stating several times that he doesn’t care much to make stuff with fluids. If he ever changes his mind though I’ll be lining up to see it. 🙂
      From what I’ve seen by other artists, it looks difficult to put fluids in this kind of image without it looking strange or distracting anyway.

      • I actually did want to end this with a cumshot, but like usual I ran out of time just trying to figure out the logistics of it. Do I make it a still image? Do I try to animate it? HOW do I animate it? Particles are hard. Metaballs are resource hogs. It’s never easy to get done right. I sometimes wish I had Barbells Cum Tech from SFM, but sadly that isn’t possible.

        • you can just show a loop in which his dick is inside her and semen ison the ground / around her opening etc. and btw, i demand unity 😀

  • I missed these stories. Great callback.

  • Hey Rexx, are these hot animations gonna be posted in the 720 archive?

  • really amazing, she looks hot!
    But i really hope you will do a story like this for Jesena for example or Jaina, Sylvanas or Fell Lakuu, this girls would honestly deserve something as huge as this with this much positions and angles 😉

  • Read it from top to finish but my lower body finished before my eyes could haha. Amazing work on these Rexx as always!

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