Rites of Adulthood – Video Version

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  • is there no music video?

  • I’ve been following you for years and you are getting better and better. This is the first time I’ve commented on your work though, sadly because the sound on this is really disturbing and ruins all the hard work you put into everything else. At first is sounds like someone is fisting a jar of mayo. I don’t know what it sound like when you’re having sex but, (to me,) that is excessively messy. If that wasn’t bad enough she screams several times at the same time that there is a sound as if he has burst her internal organs and her body is rapidly filling with blood. It sounds like he is killing her instead of inducting her into adulthood.

    As a minor critique, I found her animation really rough when she scoops up some of the cum to taste it at the end. It was too fast and her movements were too jerky. It might have been nice to see a big more emotion in her face as she savored/discovered what it was like too. After all, it is implied by the title that this is her first “rodeo”.

    Anyway, keep up the great work and please take this constructively. I wouldn’t want to discourage you.

    • Ya the last cumshot was more a test, and adding the sound a second thought for me mostly because I felt bad making the cumshot scene and not putting it all into a video, so I admit, I half-assed it. I probably never would have made the video at all if not for that test, as I didn’t really feel it needed it.

  • what this song tribal in first party this video ?

  • Masterpiece!

  • Honestly the only lacking part of this was when the camera fixates on her face, it gave me a small headache 🙁 thats the only flaw tho :p

  • For those that want to download, here is the attachment page.


  • Is there a download link for this? I couldn’t find it in the archive 🙁

  • Is it possible to download the video? It’s buffering very slowly.

  • Amazing work, Rexx! Such talent and amazing work! ! *crosses fingers for a Ku’jin with Chakwah scene*


  • That green troll is too hot *_*
    Pity that she can’t have him also in her mouth 😛

  • God’s sake man, Take a nap!

    • Sleep is for the weak

      “takes jittery sip of coffee”

    • Once an artist is inspired by imaginations and is determined to make his idea happen, sleep is no longer an option. relentlessly painting and imagining and the passing of hours will be matter of seconds. he will finally look at his work from a distance and admire it, time after time, then he will put his masterpiece up on a pedestal for all to see and praise.
      Thats the story behind what you see here mortal. turn back now before you explode from the sheer awesomeness of this piece!

  • Thank you rexx for this! And on my birthday no less!


    * faints from too much blood rushing to boner *

  • Amazing ! But that needs troll sounds 🙂

    • I felt the “ACK” and “GRAG” of the wow troll didn’t really fit what sound profile I wanted. I need better sound files.

      • Thats why you need a team rexx, i’m sure a shitload of people would want to join you in your quest. you cant simply do everything alone. there should be people to provide you with stuff unworthy of your attention, such as sounds.

  • “Enjoy… hopefully.” You’re kidding right? Don’t get so down on yourself. 🙁 This is extremely impressive and I’m going to come back later to see how much the comments have blown up.

    I’ve enjoyed watching your streams and how much your skill at modeling and animation has improved over the last year or so.
    As I was saying on another one of your posts of this scene, you put a ton of effort and passion into this and it shows. Take moment and reward yourself for accomplishing this. Being critical of your own work is good, it’s how you improve, but don’t ignore all the good. This scene is SEXY.

    Videos are a great way to admire all the angles easily.
    The music was appropriate and added to the atmosphere.
    The squishy sounds do get a bit repetitive after a few minutes, but I would rather have repetitive sounds than none at all because it adds another plane of depth to it (for me at least).
    From a female POV there’s a few angles where you show how the troll is sort of fluidly moving over top her and it’s hella sexy. But it’s not like I wasn’t able to appreciate the male POV’s. Truly, it’s all very sexy.
    The cumshot is a nice way to wrap it up. I really appreciate that you added one.

    • Thanks for the support, but the curse of the creator is that we always feel a little down on what we make. Everything can always be “better”. I try to use that drive to keep improving rather then give up. It’s not that I never think my stuff is good, I just look at it for what it is (I ain’t no pro). I usually go back and enjoy it a lot more in hindsight.

      As for the sound I have to decide to go the easy way or just not make a video, I was not going to have the will to spend a lot of time editing sounds effects. That is why most of it is just laid down to be light ambiance behind the music.

      • I know that feeling too well. Did a three day binge of writing last week and ended up nearly crying in the fetal position because I thought it was shit and all for nothing. Readers say something nice? They must be humoring me! Can’t eat, can’t sleep, eventually get over it.
        And you’re totally right, if you look back at it later, it feels a little better. (Sometimes.)
        Things they never tell you about the creative process!

  • You’re unbelievable, Rexx. Such talent and amazing work! Thank you kindly for this.

  • Oh my god yes, This is great 😀

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