Fel Friday! D.Va GG! (Ellowas Model)

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  • Funny, korean girl is facking by an orc

  • tihs is so good

  • no disrespect. love your stuff. But is there anyone that does this level of work without using upright gorillas?

  • horray for private models! (not)

    • Huh… Ellowas published this model publicly, dude.

    • I do remember Ellowas saying he won’t release his models because something like he didn’t like so many people having a Patreon and getting money from using other people’s stuff, and that people should get better and make their own stuff. Even still, it was his choice to make anyway. Have to respect people’s decisions, even if you disagree.

      • *Accept* people’s decisions? Yes, because there’s nothing I can do about it. *Respect* them? Hell no.

        • You’ll learn to respect it once you actually understand how many tedious hours are spent setting up these models on his level.

          • @Youtubeporn, he’ll learn one day. Me personally, I would release my model edit publicly. By doing so, it helps to create more porn for everybody to enjoy, I wouldn’t care about people getting money from it. It’s not like I’m her original creator anyway. On the other side I can see the desire to keep your models private as they can truly be unique given the right edits to them. And yeah it does suck spending 20 hours working on something just to have someone make a quick animation of it and get 20-30 dollar donations. Or releasing it to a half-assed animator who doesn’t do it justice. But me personally, as long as people recognize my work, I couldn’t care less who gets paid. Still the majority of WoW smut artists make art because it’s fun doing it, it’s a challenge at times, and most importantly, and probably the main reason is that they love seeing the excitement and joy people get from their hard work. I’m know this describes Rexx and Ellowas.

          • Oh, I respect the *work* they do. It’s top notch stuff most of the time. I just think they’re lousy pieces of shit for deciding to hoard them either all to themselves and only giving them out to their own hand-picked little click, or because someone begged enough.

            Clearly they don’t have as much issue with people making money off of their stuff as is argued or they wouldn’t share them at all and make their own animations or images. *THAT* at least I could respect. They did the work, and they’re putting it to use for their own gain. But when these modelers spend X-amount of hours making these models and A) don’t even use them themselves, and/or B) don’t share it with anyone but their specific choosing, all it does is go to complete waste.

  • hey can you please do a unity for this? been waiting for a dva XD

  • uhhh… what is this? 😀

  • well.. that seems tight! =)
    sweet girl! =)

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