Sunreaver Prison Break

Scene too big for GIFs. Find video files in the 720 archive.

38 Responses to Sunreaver Prison Break

  • Branded says:

    I’m not gonna lie, Kalec is the reason I love this so much, I know Rexx ain’t big on M/M and i’m cool with that but seeing how his hair is getting pulled and he’s being forced to watch is the best part of this and makes me wish he was taking it from behind while this is happening.

    (Say Rexx, wanna ask someone more willing to make an M/M sequel to this w/ Kalec?)Report

  • dsjeg says:

    VERY GOODReport

  • Don says:

    2016-0224JainaPrisonGangW31a-original_size-HQ is still broken and turns black 2-3 times at the endReport

    • Zanb says:

      It’s not broken, it’s just the camera being blocked by elf’s head. Since it’s not an actual “POV” but rather the camera placed right in front of the elf’s face, when he leans forward, the camera is absorbed into the head.

      I don’t know if Rexx can “fix” it. He’d probably have to create a new file entirely.Report

  • Jere says:

    any stills of this so I can make it a wallpaper?Report

  • Hristo says:

    I never thought i’d be able to say to it so soon but…this is better than Rites of Adulthood and that’s saying a lot!Report

  • Tahm says:

    Is there a mp4 with only a view of Alori?

    Gorgeous WorkReport

  • Tahm says:

    Is there a mp4 dedicated only to a view of Alori?

    Gorgeous work!Report

  • T-A-B says:

    Damn Rexx, you’ve really outdone yourself this time. Nice work!Report

  • Daikaiju says:

    Nicely done. Hope that one fan does a supercut of the clips.Report

  • Taium says:

    Is there a download link for the 3 minute version on your tumblr?Report

  • Don says:

    can we pls pls pls pls pls have a POV view on jaina this may be one of your greatest szenes it would really be sad if we lack that one special angle where we can see jaina from the eyes of the bloodelf who fucks her pleeeeaaaaseee oh mighty rexx O.OReport

  • Ner'rull says:

    Nice move with the blow job Jeanna looks good is darasu maybe a unity viedoReport

  • Anderhil says:

    …okay, if you want to use Male elfs at least get their sizes right ( ’bout 2-3 Inches). uhgh. would kill to replace those sissies with ORCS!
    But i dont wanna be an asshole, i mean i already got my orc on elf here’s one to those more… sensitive souls out there who want some elf weiner :p
    Great fucking job on this one rexx. the one to the right, clapping elf seems retarded tho : PReport

    • Dirk says:

      Okay, please, let’s not act like Rexx doesn’t do enough orcs. Over half of his work includes orcs. He doesn’t need to be encouraged into doing more orcs.

      This scene is great, please do more like it.Report

      • Anderhil says:

        When i first got here i instantly fell in love with the site because it was focused mainly on orcs. now i’m not against some *cough* less manly races as the aggressors, but to me it doesn’t feel right seeing Elf x Elf action (unless lesbian ofc :p).
        I’m just sad that such an amazing animation and such time and effort was wasted on *cough* less manly races.
        Anyhow i understand that rexx has to appease to his *cough* less manly audience as well as oldschool hardcore Orc fans 😛Report

        • Xuo says:

          I’m also fond of Rexx’s work because of the Orcs and rough scenarios he does, but you’re actually being a complete jerk?

          You’re acting like someone who isn’t even confident enough of his own masculinity that he constantly has to prove a point of being “manly”. You don’t need to constantly belittle others and their tastes down just to feel more empowered by yours and make them feel like they’re wrong or lesser than for enjoying something different. If anyone’s a sensitive soul here, it has to be you.

          Then on top of that you make it out like Rexx’s work is wasted just because ~~Blood Elves~~? He’s making content he enjoys, which should be the most important thing for him to do. Just because it’s not Orcs and not YOUR fancy doesn’t mean it’s “wasted”.

          Maybe stop that?

          Anyway good work Rexx. I really like those runes on Kalecgos’ body and the blood elf teasing on Jaina’s tit!Report

          • Anderhil says:

            If Rexx honestly wanted to do this i’d have no complaints, the thing is rexx is being pushed by some of his audiance into bringing male blood elfs into his animations. i feel he is being forced by people into abandoning orcs (his early works were 99% orcs, now its what? 30%?) cuz of all the complaints out there. everytime he does some orc stuff people bump and spit shit about how he always does orcs. now you see i’m not trying t change him, i’ trying to revert him back to the stuff he originally did. and like i said, i understand that he has to please all of his audiance, not just me.Report

        • Zanb says:

          You act like warcraft porn is real life. It isn’t. It’s pretty pathetic how you’re acting, friend. But hey, good job objectifying absolutely every stereotype out there.

          “… doesn’t feel right seeing elf x elf action (unless lesbian ofc)…” Okay, that’s pretty fucking sexist of you. I wonder if you’re one of those types that would vote for Donald Trump, drink cheap hop-flavored water, and like to shoot guns. Or, if you’re not American, maybe a chav.

          “I’m just sad that such an amazing animation and such time and effort was wasted on less manly races.” Make your fucking own animation then, asshat. And what are you fucking on about “old school hardcore Orc fans?” How does that even make any sense? I’m sorry, was there some old 1800’s porn about elf maids and orc raiders that I missed?

          I mean, your comment about the elves’ penis size kinda bugs me. I think you’re staring way too much at dicks, friendo. Maybe you should go sit on your pulsing, 24 inch orc dildo and think about what you say before you say it.

          Is there a way to ban people from the website? Can we petition to blacklist him?Report

          • More Belfs Pl0x says:

            I for one prefer seeing belfs to orcs since I play one in the game and he is plenty masculine. I’d say if you’re trying to make it all orcs all the time you’ve got an over compensating issue.Report

          • More Belfs Pl0x says:

            No reason to have 2-3 inch dicks on elves when humans average size is 5 inches and elves are slightly bigger than humans in warcraft lol.Report

          • Anderhil says:

            you sound so tough from behind your screen elf boy =) i’m sorry that your penis is like that, or perhaps you look like those elfs that you like to see more of them. pathetic either way. if you hate orcs then fuck off, because thats the only type of animation i can get off to, because that’s how it should be, masculinity and femininity, ying and yang.
            its people like you who made rexx’s work drift from its original path. constantly complaining about how much orcs he did. you insects are changing what i loved about rexx and thats fel orcs, those are the only race i can put myself in thier place.Report

    • Random says:

      Honestly i respect your opinion, but im really weirded out about the fact you said Blood Elfs penis’ are about 2-3 Inches…
      Is there some kind world of warcraft racial penis size website or something? Where did you get that info dude?…Report

      • More Belfs Pl0x says:

        No reason to have 2-3 inch dicks on elves when humans average size is 5 inches and elves are slightly bigger than humans in warcraft lol.Report

      • Anderhil says:

        Human average = 5 – 6 inches right?
        elfs being 50% less masculine than humans (lack of facial hair or body hair, feminine features) so that cuts on testosterone equals almost 50% less size which means 2.5 – 3 inches.
        that holds true if the writers didn’t put an exception like citing “elfs have 50% more penis size” in the books (which i strongly doubt anyone mentioning penis size in any of the books). so we have it by basic calculation. there it is.Report

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