Fuck Friday! Stormshield Delight!

It was afternoon in Stormshield, and Lekira was admiring the view from the inn’s nearby gazebo. She stared longingly towards the horizon and sighed. Of all the places in Draenor, this gazebo was her favorite. At night, she would come here to gaze at the stars, wondering which of them could be Azeroth, and if, maybe, someone back home was missing her. By day, she would let the sun warm her deep-purple skin, let the ocean breeze blow upon her face and listen to the sounds of the sand scavengers scuttling about on the beach down below. And she would be alone. The wonders of nature were mostly druidic affairs – not something a brutish warrior or a devious rogue would be capable of appreciating.

But Lekira would turn out to be wrong. Since her arrival, she had sensed a presence, and she grew more sure of it as she stood there. A quick spell chanted under her breath revealed, of all things, a blood elven man.

Lekira raised an eyebrow. “So tell me, why do you hide in the shadows like that?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” he suavely retorted. “I am a rogue. It is what I do. That and I was afraid of how you would react to seeing a blood elf lurking around in your city.”

“Fair point,” Lekira sighed. “Most of my allies refuse to see past old grudges. It’d be wise to stay hidden. But then, no one ever comes here besides me, so there might not be much of a point.”

The blood elf looked at her in slight disbelief. “You wouldn’t call the guards?”

Lekira laughed. “Nah, I am not much for war of any kind, and this gazebo happens to be the point in Stormshield that’s furthest away from the bloodshed in Ashran.”

“I am glad you are not like them. I do not fit well with my allies either. They hold the same resentments as yours, and they do not tend to appreciate beauty the same way as you Alliance folk do.”


“Yes, of course!” He gestured around them – to the vines growing on the trellis, the clouds in the sky, the waves upon the sea. “This beauty. It takes me back to my home. To Quel’Thalas. You don’t see these things in Orgrimmar, or Tanaan for that matter.”

Lekira could feel her cheeks grow red. This was rather unexpected. A perceptive rogue, and a Horde, no less. A single ray of sunlight fell upon his face, and her heart began to beat faster. “Well,” she said, “I’d be happy if you kept me company for a while.”

The blood elf smiled. “As would I.”

As they stood there, side by side in the afternoon sun, they talked and laughed. Eventually, an unintentional touch of hands evolved into flirting, and flirting into… Well, you’re a grown-up, you can guess the rest.

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20 Responses to Fuck Friday! Stormshield Delight!

  • Jack says:

    could you make a with Nova? I want to fuck herReport

  • Aelise says:

    I love the phylosophy of these two in the story, wish it could happen so more often ;p
    Make love, not war.Report

    • Anderhil says:

      World of peace and lovecraft.
      what a shitty boring world that would be 😛
      i’m more for an orc razing the city and raping the shit outta her and make her breed little orclings. ofc after some time passes she will admire the orc’s masculinity and fall deeply in love with him, as all slaves do with their masters.
      Now THAT my friend, is a fantastic story 😛Report

      • Aelise says:

        I guess so. Still, and regardless that i like rough stuff myself, sometimes ‘rape’ is a poor and bitter substitute of love when someone can’t just seduce a woman and turn her into his willing slave by simply making a good use of wits, words, seduction and intelligence, until she cannot simply think in anything else than her Master, and dream day and night in pleasing and worshipping him, and without needing to resource to force. Strenght and brute force is always an attractive method for the less resourceful i guess.
        And not always all slaves fall in love with their Master/Mistress, my friend. :pReport

        • Anderhil says:

          Ancestors be willing ofc, jokes aside, strength and brute force don’t necessarily diminish intelligence. i just find it more suitable for my needs to use the manly part of my personality, and i feel very happy when i earn spoils of war.
          “willing” slaves can stop being “willing” at any time, slaves however are the ones we have absolute control over, and that’s what i really like, aside from the fact that i earned her through hard combat with my solid granite balls.
          this is ofc all fantasies and i’m not supporting rape in any form irl, in case someone wants to sue me XDReport

          • Aelise says:

            Granite and iron balls can be broken easily the same as you break your slaves. You only need to find the right spot and moment, and hit hard, and then listen them howl like a sad Worgen howling to the moon.xD

  • Keemstar says:

    Why does this blood elf look exactly like the warlock from Medeister and Rexx collab? Illuminati?Report

  • DICK PHYSICS says:

    No male POV? 🙁Report

  • DK says:

    Delightful as always Medeister. And again you just want me to see you attempt my favourite race even more!

    Please? You’re too good! And so little art of tauren with a quality like yours exists…Report

    • Anderhil says:

      Dude, seriously, knock it off. she said she’ll do it in the future. besides, if everyone starts nagging it would be me, since i am disgusted by male blood elves fucking hot females (honestly, which one do i fap to? they are both equally fucking female)
      but i respect the artist and accept her art, i and make suggestions once in a while. NOT 3 SUBSEQUENT ARTS begging for a cow (To each his own right? lol). anyways, she said she’ll do it if she feels like it. i personally would love if every pic had a curvy female blood elf, but if i get something else i keep my mouth shut 😛Report

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