The Darnassian Spy

He awoke naked and shackled to the floor of a Silvermoon cell, cursing his own stupidity for allowing himself to be captured. His honour demanded that he fall upon his own sword before allowing himself into the hands of the enemy.

He wasn’t alone in his cell either. A lithe, red lipped and black-haired blood elf stood over him, smirking ever so slightly as he struggled against his manacles. 

“You’re not a very good spy, are you?” she said.

Not willing to give her the satisfaction, he remained silent.

“Hiding out in the open and carrying a document with the symbol of Darnassus on it? It’s a wonder you made it to Eversong at all.” She tutted. “Well as you must have guessed, I’ve been sent here to question you.”

“You’ll get nothing from me.” was his reply. He cursed himself again, for breaking his silence so quickly.

“Oh, I think I will. They all reveal their secrets in the end.”

I’ve trained in resisting torture, he thought. If this shrew thinks I’ll submit so easily, she’s got another thing coming.

But she didn’t reach for any torture implements, nor did she even ask any more questions. Instead she began to remove her armour, piece by piece, revealing a perfect pair of breasts and a behind that would turn the most devout of priests against their vows. He could feel himself harden and there was nothing he could do to stop it. Perhaps he didn’t want to.

“I like to have some fun with my captives first.” she purred. “However long you last is how long you postpone the agony that is to come.”

As she mounted his cock, all hope of resisting left him. He knew he would never last as much as five minutes. All he could do was try to break free of his cuffs before he climaxed… 

7 Responses to The Darnassian Spy

  • I love Blood Elven women. I also love Night Elves. Place them together in one scene and you have something beautiful, which is what this is.

    I really like the story behind it too! Very well done. =)

  • “and a behind that would turn the most devout of priests against their vows.”

    That line reminded me of this:

    Anyways, good shit. My large complaint is the jigglebones on the elf’s ass seems to have some issues in how it interacts with the rest of her body, especially in angle 8 where the ass is almost folding into on the side facing the viewer with how it shiggles. I would also say that you should make her thighs a little thicker, just enough to fit the proportion of her ass to make it look a bit more natural. Now because I’m relatively ignorant in the art of model editing, I don’t know how difficult editing her legs would be, but my main issue with how the animation on the ass looks.

    As an ass man, I’m ecstatic that I can see ass-oriented art from a source other than G, so that the potential for Panda booty animations are THROUGH THE ROOF. I hope more ass art stems from this.

    Time for Round 2!


    • I definitely cocked up the jiggling somewhat, yeah. I very nearly didn’t upload that 8th angle. By the time I realised it was an issue, I’d already rendered a few angles and I didn’t want to have to go back and fix it.

      I do appreciate the constructive criticism and the kind words, though. 🙂 Next time I do something like this it should be much better.

  • I never understood the appeal for blood elven women. They have no ass. This one has something very wrong with her’s.

    • She got tired of people saying she has no ass. So she started doing a lot of squats. Like a lot, 10 000 a day. When she is torturing people, she is squatting. When she is sleeping, she is squatting. When she is walking her dog, she is squatting. When she goes to the toilet, she is squatting.

  • Mhmmm this is nice

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