Awhile back I made some tutorials and uploaded them to youtube, but I am not sure anyone every saw them here.  I decided to make them more overt and even embedded them into the site itself.  You can find the videos in the new “Tutorials” menu at the top.  Just for those that might want to try their own hand at this.  I plan to add more tutorials as I go, based on what people need, so if you have any questions or want specific knowledge, just ask and I will see if I can make something on it in the future.

3 Responses to Tutorials

  • Heya Rexx! If we’ve any questions, would it be better to drop them here or on the individual video pages instead?

  • all these “models” and “textures” and “particles” are too complicated for me man, i preffer my own pencil and my paper. but i’m sure these would be very useful to people with talent for it. i thank you for trying to make more content available to us indirectly.

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