Beach Booties ‘n Booze – Featuring Grok and Val!

The sun hung brightly over Stranglethorn Vale, baking down upon the three friends as they caroused about in the pleasant waters. The goblin brews had kicked in a good while back, so what was once mere splashing and innocent romping had now grown to involve a wide range of more lascivious behavior.

Grok, of course, was the center of attention. Both Felina and Val clung to his green body, gasping as his large hands found way down their bikini bottoms. The game was over, the girls had won, and the beach ball was already floating steadily back to shore.

“Sorry you two,” Grok said, “I don’t have any prize on me.”

“Oh,” Felina muttered dreamily, her slender fingers venturing down towards the orc’s groin. “I beg to differ…”

As if rehearsed, the two girls both pulled down the orc’s swim shorts, sending his manhood swinging before their desirous eyes. Felina bit the back of her finger as Val reached out for the massive cock, tugging ambitiously at it.

Grok laughed. “Perhaps we should take this back to the beach?”

“But we only brought one chair,” Felina moaned. “I just hate getting sand everywhere. Ugh, and I mean everywhere.”

“Tell you what,” Val grinned, “I think I know an exercise or two that’ll have that sand bounce right back off you.”

“And she means bounce,” Grok emphasized. He guided the two girls back to shore, one at each side, his hands giving their buttocks a playful squeeze as they rose out of the water.

“Ah-ah,” Val said, wagging a pink finger at Felina. “I’m the oldest, I go first.”

“But,” Felina said, perplexed, “you’re a night elf. How is that fair? How old are you even?”

“Older than you, and that’s all that matters.” She turned to face Grok. “I need to tame the beast. You know, so you don’t get hurt when it’s your turn.”

“Get hurt… Wha? Grok! Say something!”

Grok only shrugged, giving off a light chuckle. “I don’t know. Val does seem particularly determined to go first. I don’t think we should anger her.”

Felina tensed up in response, her irises flashing ominously with fel energy before forcing herself to relax. “Fine! Whatever. I have some reading to do anyway. Damn it, I really wish the Legion wasn’t invading right now…”

And thus Felina was forced to wait her turn as Val straddled the handsome orc and descended upon his throbbing cock. Not even the chaotic runes in the young warlock’s tome could retain her attention when Grok began to pound ferociously into the night elf.

Biting her lip, Felina grew increasingly restless and desperate as her friends’ moans filled the hot air. The tingly feelings of the saltwater drying on her skin were quickly outrivalled by those of emptiness in her nethers. All she cared about was when the time would come for that emptiness to be filled.

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16 Responses to Beach Booties ‘n Booze – Featuring Grok and Val!

  • Lich king says:

    Thanks for getting back to medi (medi fan) so no worgen until blizzard makes them look better? Bummer but I understand lol. You and Rexx and Runic do awesome work in this site! Wouldn’t mind seeing more fel btw :pReport

  • KnHawke says:

    Awesome stuph!
    Seeing that gorgeous elf taking him for a ride.. UNF UNF 😉

    Now all we need is the girls to switch position, Val on the towel, sweaty and satisfied (mostly lol), her cooch oozing of Grok’s gravy and Fel taking said orc for a ride 😉Report

  • Yuri says:

    Hope to see more ahout Felina…God I wish to have a girl like her so muchReport

  • Lord Sarcasmatron says:

    As nice as it is to see Val.. I’m left feeling quite unfulfilled by not seeing Felina in action.
    She’s one of my fave’s on a very short list of OC’s that just do it for me.

    Excellent work just the same Medeister!!Report

    • Medeister
      Medeister says:

      Hey ≧◡≦ !! Thanks so much <3 I'm actually really glad you like her. I honestly thought she'd be too generic, so it's always nice to hear when people think otherwise!Report

  • Anderhil says:

    Ever since you started your work you climbed up and up until you reached my top 5 artists list. good job medy. you’re active and obviously extremely talented.Report

  • Dev says:


  • Medi fan says:

    Oh I was hoping to see felina again! I would love to see that bikini come off! Also medi, have you ever done worgen girls? Because this world needs more of them!Report

    • Anderhil says:

      No joke or sarcasm or offense intended, i really wanna know the mindset behind furry lovers. whats the thing that gets you hard about them? i mean to each their own but i don’t like getting my dick bit off XDReport

      • Lich King says:

        Well I can’t speak for everyone but I can say for me that the only thing that I care for (as far as furry goes) is worgen girls, it’s a bit weird I know but I like how taboo it is, I like the fur, it looks warm and soft, I like their feet… Idk why lol. I also like that they look like they could take anything I could do lol a few other things but that should help you understand the idea behind it.Report

        • Anderhil says:

          Hmm. thank you. i now have an insight on how you think. well! although i always wish for some female belfs i hope you get your wish buddy 😉 you have a great imaginative skill that you could see the beauty in furry porn. i honestly didn’t think about it that way ever.Report

    • Medeister
      Medeister says:

      Hey me fan c: No, I’ve never done worgen girls and probably won’t until they release the new models. Using the current models would result in a rather big step down in quality – something I always try to improve!Report

  • nocapatr says:

    need a povReport

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