Reputation Grinding – Thunder Bluff

Yeah you could wear their tabard in dungeons and sure you could go and do a hundred quests in Mulgore but why waste your time with those when you could sneak into the home of the Thunder Bluff Quartermaster and get all the rep you need. 😉  

5 Responses to Reputation Grinding – Thunder Bluff

  • After years of simply admiring my female trolls in game, to be able to see one of them completely naked on all fours getting her sexy blue ass plowed from behind is truly just…epic! 😀 I’ve seen some nice troll girl fan art before, but she literally looks straight out of the game…love it!

  • Ohhhhhhh yes 😀 A handsome tauren hunk and a lovey troll lass! A great treat for Halloween. Thank you, Runic! 😀 😀 😀 😀 I just wish it was longer length like the Warsong Gulp video!

  • I can clearly see you’re improving. good job mate!

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