The Last Night (Adult Animated Video)

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  • Wonderfully done! 😀
    I know this might a bit far fetch but will you ever do another video featuring, Jesana Moonfall & possibly getting gang banged by fell red skin Orcs?

  • amaizing, just truly amaizing. the first porn with history that is cool, and i really want to see wath happen intheir lifes, love to see a romance history between these two

  • Does this love story between Lakuu and Grok is after thier reunion or before ?

  • “As commander, I have many enemies. One of which is standing in this very room.”

    The delivery and her expression on that line just makes it my favorite moment in this! Hot and sends vibes of what is to come.

    Really curios on where you found this voice actor. She is quite good.

  • Sorry if you’ve already answered this before, but what is the background music you’ve used for this?

  • Loved the video Rexx.
    Reminded me of fun I had with a friend. 🙂 Though we didn’t use hand cuffs.
    Your Efforts are very appreciated.

  • That 12:45 blink tho. So hot.

  • This was amazing! Only thing that would have done it even better would be if her tail flailed around a bit; Excellent work man!

  • Amazing work as always. Ah … but … um … “Softcore”, yeah didn’t really see any of that.

  • Question (but first bust say i love this, both gentle and roughness, makes it just sexier and romantic) why was Grok like “I won’t answer that question” when Laku asked if he liked seeing her handcuffed in bronze?

    • It was a bit of a loaded question for him. Of course he liked her tied up and on her back, since it’s kinky, but only because she desired it and asked for it. Her comment confused him and made him wonder if she thought he was hiding something darker about his personality and desires, which almost insulted him considering how they met, but when she said she trusted him and wanted it, he realized her words were meant to be playful. Of course he is an orc, so he lost a bit of control and went bloodfury all over her ass (literally), but Lakuu was hoping that would happen, she wanted to feel a bit more of that orc aggressiveness.

  • Nice work !

  • When you put out “Rites of Adulthood” last year, I was wondering how you’d top it. “Sunreaver Prison Break” came close. Now this one tops it all. A story and voice acting all combined made this your best work.

  • Really hope they both servived the Broken Shore! Got worried with the title “The Last Night” (unless there are stories i missed o.o)

    • Haha, I am starting to think I should have called it “Last Night in Lunarfall”. The title is supposed to mean it’s the last day of the WoD campaign and now they are going back to Azeroth. Don’t worry, they are fine.

  • I am speechless!

  • So so so good.

  • Another great video and amazing voice acting, her accent is spot on! ^^

  • Rexx ive been a fan of your work for years(came arocc your stuff back on 2009) and ive love how it only gets better.. THIS!! this is AMAZING.. while i know you must have got so stressed on this but i hope to see more like this down the road it good.

  • Who’s the voice actor, if I may ask?

  • Rexx… Thank you.

  • Fucking epic!

  • holy shit dude, this is fucking intense

  • Super.. super.. SUPER nice…. 😀

    Now if only we had something like this involving tauren. Or worgen. Or pandaren. 😀 Seems like it’s always elves, trolls, orcs, or draenei..

    • Are you kidding me? There’s an entire section of the internet dedicated to male tauren and worgen breeding female blood elves.

  • Hello Rex! I am a long time fan of your work, but I haven’t ever commented on one of you videos. This one however was so amazing I could not help myself but to leave a praising comment on your amazing work! There are many great artists who can make some really amazing animations, but not all of them are this good at “capturing the moment”. There was a lot of emotions and unsaid words in this which put depth in the video and made it more realistic and noteworthy for me. Really good job! Keep up the amazing job!!

    Lots of love

  • What is the decryption key for the MEGA link posted on SFOW pls? Or that a patreon-only perk?

    • I made a mistake an misunderstood what the mega share button was telling me (Share WITHOUT the key means to not have the key in the URL, which I thought meant it wouldn’t even need a key, I don’t use MEGA often). I fixed it in the ORIGINAL post on tumblr, so head there.

  • This is amazing ! Greetings from France !
    Félicitations !

  • Fantastic work 😮

  • This is the most awesome thing I have ever seen.

  • Brilliant! Absolutely BRILLIANT! My only criticism is that sometimes the music got so loud that I couldn’t hear the dialogue. I started noticing this towards the end when they used those handcuffs…

    • Yes if the video showed me one thing I am a pretty shitty editor, I have issues with pacing and sound mixing. I kept adjusting one track only for others to be too high, then others too low. I might go back and fix some of the glaring issues later but I wanted to post yesterday, the stress was killing me a bit. Lol

      • upps sorry I think I have pressed the wrong button
        I do not want to hear from you again that you are a bad edtior you have done a good job 😉
        And that the music at the close at the handschlen became louder I find suitable good at the atmosphrer
        With the handcuffs is indeed the whole more dignified, more intense

        But that was not wanted by you look at the sign for video from here the music should be louder for the accord with the moment

      • What editing program do you use? Might have been answered before (surely).

  • This is fantastic, and as brilliant as this is it’s also a great visual of how awesome Hellfire 2 would be at this quality, with Jesana getting passed around the barracks leading up to Ravage.

    Thank you Rexx.

  • Rexx… This is nothing short of incredible. Well done!

  • Well done, Rexx!

  • This … Is…. Amazeballs !!!! Ty

  • Hummm I just checked it and the sound sync feels a bit off on this upload. I think due to the encoding I used to shrink it down to the size I needed for uploading. Will try to fix. Just making this comment for people that notice the issue too so they know I will work on it.

  • A 25 minute video o.o and voice acted?! Jesus Rexx… This is amazing! Great work!

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