Story written by patron Secret Name (AKA Fanatisk)

Jale Rivermane descended into the Bloodtotem caverns to meet with the Chieftain himself. Torok stood there alone with his back turned to her, his hands grasping a cup. “Earth Mother watch over you, Torok.” At the sound of her greeting he turned, his face carrying an amused but grim expression. “So you came. Finally.” Jale only shook her head. “This moisture makes my joints hurt; make it snappy.”

Torok offered her a humorless smile. “So I shall.” He put the cup down, bright green liquid oozing out. “The Bloodtotem are done dying for the sake of others. We will not act as a shield for the weak and cowardly.” His eyes were lit with an inner flame when they locked gazes. “The Rivermane are nothing but a burden, and so is the rest of Highmountain. Your incompetence as a leader of your tribe is there for all to see.”

The Rivermane Chieftain frowned. “Back in my day, we showed respect for our Elders.” There was a feeling of unease spreading throughout her limbs, but Jale was determined not to show it. “Your days are over.” Torok rumbled, taking a step forward. “The days of listening to prattling has-beens are over.” Another step, and he stood only a few inches from her. “Is there no end to your disrespect today?” Jale was forced to look up at the towering bull, but would not budge from her spot.

Torok went on. “I’ve dreamt of this day, old fool. How many times haven’t I wanted to see the surprised look on your face when I finally shut you up with cock down your throat?” For the first time, Jale was at a loss for words. Had she heard that right? She couldn’t possibly have. “Speak up! My ears aren’t what they used to be.”

Suddenly a massive hand darted up to seize one of her breasts, Toroks thick fingers digging into the leather and flesh beneath. “But these are, hag. As fat and bountiful as in the days of your prime.” His other hand closed around her throat. “Hhsss…sshh…!” Jale wheezed, panicking as Torok lifted her off her feet and slammed the helpless female into the cavern wall.

With bulging eyes and tongue lolling out, the pale tauren trashed and kicked in his iron grip.  “Yes, that’s the look…!” Torok growled, mauling her tit. “I’m not going to kill you. In fact, I’m going to let you go…” The words hung in the air. “After I’ve raped you.” The hand he’d used to grope her udder slid down her robes and hiked them up, digging in between her muscular thighs to cup her fur-clad cunt. One thick digit slid up and down along her meaty opening while he reveled in the sight of the horror on her face.

“I will burn this into your memory.” He seemed to be transforming, growing more like the demons in appearance for every second, fel fire licking the edges of his enormous horns. “So that when you crawl all the way back to your village with your snatch drooling my seed, having to beg for aid from outsiders, you will remember this moment. When you were too weak to stop me from making you my cow.”

Jale was on the verge of blacking out from want of air, but Torok kept her on the edge of consciousness by letting in just enough. “Just as you all will be too weak to stop the Legion.”  He leant in, growling in her ear. “I’m going fuck you so hard you’ll think you’re a heifer again.” Torok crushed Jale between himself and the wall. “I’m going to give your old joints something to really hurt over.”