Voodoo Friday! Prisoner of War!

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  • Great dick. Love the proportions of the balls n shaft.

  • Hope you made a sex video for Alleria soon Rexx !!!

  • I have to say that i’m delighted with the detail you had with Alleria’s facial warpaint. I remember perfectly that in Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal, the mini portrait of Alleria’s unit had exactly the same facial warpaint (it was red actually in W2 Btdp) but doesn’t matter, good detail! 😀 +1000

  • Zul’jin is great! Thanks Rexx!

  • Not a real fan of cheating imo.

    • Okay? If it makes you feel any better, the time period of this is before the Siege of Lordaeron, and thus Alleria isn’t with Turalyon yet. Plus I wouldn’t really call what she is going through “cheating”.

    • Its not called cheating, its called cuckolding. Meaning vol’jin is obviously more of a man than dat human normalfag mon. He be kickin his ass and bangin’ his ho.

      • “Vol’Jin”.


        Get the fuck out of here, mate.

        (Also, just for the record, cuckolding is only a thing when one of them is in a relationship: this scene is set in a time period where neither Zul’Jin nor Alleria are currently in a relationship, and that means it’s just regular non-consensual sex. The more you know~)

        • I made a typo. and obviously even when you knew this was a typo you used it as an excuse anyways.
          whatever, zul’jin is more of a man than any paladin will ever be, and he 100% deserves that tight elf pussy.

          you obviously have some fucking issue going around a porn website correcting people, do remind yourself of that.

          nevertheless, that guy said he doesn’t like the art cuz its cheatin’, and any sane guy would at least appriciate the artistic effort that was put into the art piece, even if its not enjoyable to him.

          in conclusion, screw you and screw that guy, zul’jin is 100% cucking that already cucked pally.

          (Also, just for the record, the word “Cuck” here doenst mean actual cuckolding, rather a slag action of dominating a weak beta cuck male and taking his bitch in the forest)

  • I always thought Trolls what they might lack in hip gyration power (as orcs would more so hone) they could make up for in speed. Damn it’s just satisfying seeing a good jack hammering.plus that beef cake of a jungle troll is also always wonderful. Mmmm gimme some of that jungle love X3.

  • This is so hot!


    Rexx… one day i’ll be rich and i’ll hire you as a personal artist with a million dollars a masterpiece.

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