Adventures! For Doloria!

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  • Ten bucks says he’s humming his own theme song and screwing up the rythm of the tango.

  • Love this new angle mechanic, but I do not see this guy getting some anytime soon! 😀

  • Something tells me that Laku misses Grok … and that the human’s sword is nothing to her. XD

    • Well, knowing Lakuu I doubt that it has much to do with her partner’s race. Considering that it’s Maximillian of Northshire aka Azeroth’s dumbest/annoying paladin who she is spending her night with, it isn’t really surprising that she is both annoyed and unsatisfied.

  • Now i can’t see the animations without downloading them?

  • no more gifs?

  • As far as new page goes i cant find the cast page with history of the characters
    also the webcomic seems to have vanished

    • I am trying to find a place for the web comic plugin, and the cast page is going through a huge rework. That will be for down the line.

  • As far as new page goes i cant find the cast page with history of the characters
    also the webcomic seems to have vanished

  • I kinda like this setup! Now I can save your animations to my fap folder without going to the 720 archive.

  • Its good just some videos are laggy for me and other are great.

    • Adjusted. Thanks to some help from actual coders I was able to add a click to play function. Now just click it when you want to see it animate.

  • Please tell me what you guys think of the new format. I need input to know if I am going the better direction.

    • I think i liked the old format more, easier to navigate and do bussiness on a tablet.

      • weird because that old one wasn’t responsive, this one is more responsive. Maybe I can help though, what specifically made it easier?

        • Well i liked the old front page with the latest work more than this new one, and the gifs/videos don’t have a play button for me on my tablet.I can still play the gifs/videos but i cannot zoom in. Also its a little more laggy for me.

    • I don’t mind the new design, it is cooler but it offers less than the other, i couldn’t find a searcher(you know like the old one divided by races and genre) and i liked to play from time to time in the pages to navigate through old and new content, now i can only find it in the archive.

      • I am still adding some of the old features. The category searcher will come back soon, and all the old page minus the cast page can be found under “history”. I just wanted to get the skeleton up.

    • I think the new format is pretty great so far.

      I’m definitely down with the fact that I can view the different angles of each of the new scenes when I go to its page, because it really does make it easier to view them, and the fact that I can download an Mp4 pack? That’s a real time saver when I’m trying to collect my favorites. I only check every once in a while, so before if an animation got buried by newer ones, I’d have to go to the archive to find the angles other than the one provided on the main post. Now, so long as it’s still on the Home page, I can find it all easily without having to dig or rifle through months/filenames/angles.

      You may, however, wish to revise how new posts show up on the Home page, because it looks like we can’t really see what’s been posted chronologically before Ku’jin’s unless we dive into the archives (might be wrong because I’m on mobile, which brings me to the next thing). Your site has always had minor issues when trying to access it through mobile devices/tablets. Using Safari on an iPad, for instance, it is impossible to view the videos now, whereas before they’d at the very least play (but not fullscreen); I can only access the gifs from the archive. Another Browser App I use to view flash files, Puffin, lets me see the videos, but doesn’t let me interact with the top menu. These are just examples of how, though it was harmlessly buggy before, I can see how people might have issues on anything other than a desktop.

      A way to circumvent the not being able to view the videos thing might be to add another tab on each scene’s page for Gifs? If there was a choice to switch between Gifs/Mp4s, like right above the horizontal list of scenes, it might work.

      TL;DR – I am a big fan of the changes, it’s a neater composition and is way more organized, but it can use some improvements and some UI bugs may make it difficult for some people to “peruse” your content.

      • Edit: just noticed the link at the top that lets you go to the post prior to the one you’re viewing; that I think might solve the possible issue associated with the Home page that I mentioned.

      • I am just really trying to retire GIFs, the format is old, low quality, and huge file sizes. Just a single 90 frame loop at full size quality was 50MB or more for a single angle which is why every GIF in my gallery is heavily scaled down. If enough people want me to keep doing them though I guess I can.

        • That makes a lot of sense, I just figured it may help with the mobile/tablet issue. Honestly I’m one for results, not convenience. If I have to go to desktop to view my favorite animator’s content at its finest, I will (I normally do because I agree, Gifs are kind of lame).

    • I like the new format a lot! The tabs help, they are responsive, and gifs are so old fashioned. I also love seeing draeneis bent over like this. Great work as always!!!

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