So as many of you see the site has some updates. A few things of note since people ask a lot about them.

The old way of checking the feeds still exists, just click the “History” option in the menu. You can also hover over that menu to once again access the old galleries. If you prefer that over the homepage then just update your bookmark.

The new video format uses HTML5, and can be activated by just clicking anywhere inside the frame. Think of it like GYFCAT, only hosted directly. I wouldn’t mind adding a “Play” overlay, but doing such brings in a spiral loader that breaks the loop, so it would be a huge change. I want to retire the GIF format since it forces me to scale down most of my uploads and takes up a shit ton of space.

If you want to download the files, just right click in the frame and use “Save As”. No more needing to search through the archive lists and be unable to really see what you getting. If you just want all of them, I have added a pack file you can download just below the animations.

Areas that are missing like the cast pages and the webcomic frame will come back “SoonTM”, they are just the lower priority since both need an update.

Lastly, I am working to get patreon integration working on my site, which would allow me to post patreon files here. If you see a new post pop up and it blocks you out with a “Patreon Only” overlay, then you know the reason. I am doing this for two reasons, for one it’s easier to upload and display multiple files, but also it will allow me to easily “unlock” patreon posts to the public when their exclusivity expires.

If you guys notice any bugs or have any recommendations, I am happy to hear suggestions. Thanks.