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“The time has come… to see it done.” Kil’jaeden smoldered as his magic materialized dozens of legion destroyers upon the foot of his enemy, “Burn it… to ash!” he continued, peering at the vision before him as his forces laid siege to the city of Dalaran.
With a sigh, he waved his hand and ended his message, “Damn it!” he cried as he slammed his fist into the nearby alter, “Why won’t this world just die!”

“Is everything okay, master?” came a voice from behind him. It was one of his minions, a succubus of low rank, who had heard his frustrations, “Leave me…” he said, his eyes burning, “… or I will throw you off this ship into the abyss.

The succubus bowed and nodded, “I mean no disrespect, my lord, I just want to know if I can help you relax. The other demons on the ship tell me I am one of the best at, easing tensions…”, she said with a seductive grin.

Kil’jaeden snarled, “I might feel better turning you to cinders, and watching your flesh melt before me.” he said as he raised his hand, a bright glow of fel magic raising from his extended finger.

The succubus cowered briefly, “No! I mean, I believe there are other ways I can help you relieve some stress. You know, sexual ways! Please…”

Kil’jaeden leaned back onto the altar and laughed, “I know, I just wanted to see your face… Now, get over here, I want to see if your claim is warranted. However, disappoint me, and you may receive severe punishment.”

The succubus narrowed her eyes, licking her lips as her heart beats faster and faster. Her dream of pleasuring the second to Sargeras had finally come to fruition. Her sisters would never believe her.

“As you wish, master.”

Relaxing, By Rexx

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rexx you need to do more kiljaeden hes so hawt


I agrreeee, I love succubi!


I wish you’d do succubi more often, Rexx! They’re so hawt!