Elven Desires (Bonus Request)

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Special Thanks for Liard and Bangfri for their female models, and the requester for his worgen.

17 Responses to Elven Desires (Bonus Request)

  • This is cool, Ive never played the game itself where they are from but they look great.

  • This is one of my favorites the models look so crisp like never before, and the body movement on the cowgirl night elf (especially her breast) looks so fluid and realistic. Exceptional job on this!

  • Love those tits~ wanna touch’em by myself

  • also im having trouble loading these, just seeing blank gray

  • mfw theres no knot

    • Not really attracted to beast dicks, so all my anthromorphs assume the genitals are the human side. Always been like that.

  • we don’t get portraits anymore?

  • Oh Yah, just Unleash the Beast! 😀
    Lucky Dog,

  • Oh look. It’s Alori and a worgen. Again. How original. Everybody bask in Alori’s innovation.

    • Oh look. Its a bit of sarcasm to go along with “Whatever’s” ingratitude. How original of you. Let’s all bask in Anons spectacular critique. You would rather bitch and throw your bullshit opinion around like its of actual value to Rexx or anyone else. Go create something of your own that’s hot and original that will astound us all. No? Well then STFU.

      • Funny, I’m just making a comment. What reason to you have to be so rude here? Oh right, you’re a typical keyboard warrior butthurt internet cretin.

        Ingratitude? Did I say anything about Rexx’s work? No. I’m pointing out that Alori’s unoriginality tires me. I’m sick of him and how he uses his fat wallet to push out his boring character and the boring situations she engages in.
        Don’t like it? Tough, I’ll say what I please.

        Incidentally, since you know nothing about me, I have created content. Whether it’s as good as Rexx’s or not is up for debate, but it sure as hell never uses pieces of crap like Alori. Now you go away and shut up yourself, sir.

        • bro, I’m pretty sure you’re the same guy who just leave shit comments on rule34, but please, take my advice, chill the fuck out. who cares? if anything, you should thank the guy because even if you don’t like his work he keeps people like rexx able to do what they do.

          if you don’t like what you see, move on, you don’t need to talk so much shit that you bust a vein.

          • No idea what you’re talking about, and no I will not thank the guy for constantly shoving his boring character everywhere.
            Plenty of people are ready and willing to support and commission artists with their ideas and Alori keeps taking up their slots for the 5000th round of Alori with a worgen or any other of his boring ideas.

    • I second this. Obviously, Alan’s choice and all, but that character is just too boring, imo.
      Great work by Rexx, though.

      • I’m afraid I have to third as well.

        I love Rexx’s work and obviously he can create whatever he wants, especially if a commission paid for it, but I too just find Alori as a character to be very plain. I think it’s that nothing about her really sticks out. She has a plain face, plain hairstyle, plain tattoo and plain body. Many other BE’s at least have splashes of colour to them like thick red headbands, non-blonde hair or large blue face tattoos, but Alori is just so very dull in comparison.

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