Fel Friday! His Favorites Playthings

Jesana 1Jesana 2Jesana 3Jesana 4Jesana 5Jesana 6Jesana 7Jesana 8Val 1Val 2Val 3Val 4Val 5

13 Responses to Fel Friday! His Favorites Playthings

  • I don’t mean any offense, but the new Val model looks retarded. I don’t mean that in a metaphorical sense. She looks simple, like there’s something wrong with her. It’s not an attractive quality.

  • Will this become one of those interaction scenes?

  • Oh yah, back t basics, hm so hot, so wet & juicy, there is nothing like seeing Nigh Elf pussy getting stuffed & pounded by big Fel Orc Cock, over & over again, love when they cringe their teeth, they might be against it, think to deny it but they crave it & want it hard, its soo hot, man I cannot hold back on the fap meeter for the work you do WarLord Rexxx, Lok’tar ogar for the Horde!
    ps. I am happy you managed to handle the new facial, eye cosmetic animatiing effects with this new animation body mechanics, looks awesome, very fluid & yet well solid shapping with the over alighting & sweat effects

  • I love those perfect night elf pussies <3

  • Awesome work, Rexx! I think this is the nest nelf model you’ve used.

  • Great job as always.
    I just came to wonder about Ravage’s thoughts regarding his slaves… Aye the title put it clear that he thinks of them as toys, but there are other things to explore like if he respected their strenght and feel mighty and dominant by subjecting them or if he gets lots of fun when they act defiant…… I would really like to read a short story from his pont of view

  • Excellent!!

    PS: None of the new versions of Jeanna’s surpasses the charm of the original …

  • For me, I love Jesana’s angry look.

  • Maybe its cuz I haven’t whacked it in a week but this is one of the best ones I’ve seen you put out

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