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“HICC… give… give up yet?” Robyn slurred as she tried to hold herself up on the table, her eyes drifting to the topped off mug slowly rocking in her hands.  With determination she chugged the frothy beverage down.

“Not… HICC… Never! I gottash way moresh in ma!” the Dark Iron sitting across from her taunted, downing yet another mug himself, “No way yas beating a dwa.. dwa… no way ya beating me!”

Robyn slammed her empty mug onto the cable, attempting to stand and pour yet another pint, “We see about that… HICC!”

Robyn was excited when she had heard the news of an unguarded cache of Brewfest Ale sitting in a warehouse outside Booty Bay.  There were some circles that would pay top dollar for such a seasonal flavor.

Yet as she arrived she realized her trusted informant may have loose lips, for there was competition on the haul.  Captain Revilas, a dwarf with a hot temper and a nasty disposition, had reached the trove at the same moment, and was not looking to share.

After much arguing, Robyn agreed to a bloodless contest for claim over the stockpile.  While the crews waited outside, the two captains would partake in the bountiful booze until one passed out.  The winner goes the spoils.  She knew it was a long shot versus a dwarf, but she didn’t want to risk her crew to the superior numbers of Revilas.

After downing another few pints, Revilas started to grow bold, “Look at ya! Ya totally shloshed! Ya be lucky you even… HICC… even shtanding!” he grinned, his eyes flaring with flame.  Robyn was losing her lucidity, so she knew she would have to move to Plan B.

“Fuck… fuck you! I betch I can shtill shuck ya off till ya cum, ya ashhole! I ain’t… HICC… drunk!”

Revilas blinked in bewilderment, “What!?  Shuck my cock? Hahaha I bet you couldn’t even get the sea hammer in ya mouth!”

As quickly as he finished his quip, Robyn kicked over the table and ripped off the dwarves pants in one clean, practiced motion.  Before he could react she was on his cock as if she was driven by instinct, her lips shaking minutes before caressing him with unbelievable skill.

The dwarf was taken entirely by surprise.  “Hey now wha…. ooohhhhhHHHHHOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

It took only a few minutes before Revilas, a smile across his face, lay unconscious on the floor.  Robyn was quick to claim her victory and the crew began to load up the haul.

First Mate Pidgora, carrying two kegs over each shoulder, raised a brow to her captain as they came up to the ship, “Ya feeling okay, Cap’n?” she soon inquired.  Robyn wobbled up the gangplank, before looking back at the crew with a surprised glare, “How… how much alca… alcohol is in dwa… d… dorf shemen? Oh….” was all she could continue before she toppled over into the arms of Chakwah, completely unconscious.

Pidgora shook her head with a snicker, “I ain’t going to envy that hangover.”

Drunk Battle, By Rexx

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Blowjobs are great. Dark nail polish is the best.
Really good!!!

The Mannis
The Mannis

Absolutely amazing, glad to see Robyn again. And angle 2 is just beautiful.


Are your blades sharp, milord?


Que buena vista en el ángulo 2… :3