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“I can’t help, Grok. Too much cargo, and I’m already making Carver sleep in the brig because we just don’t have the space.” Her red hair was carried lightly on a sea breeze as the bombshell resettled her hat on her head. The only reason Robyn was able to even look down at the well-muscled orc hunter was the fact she was on her ship, and the orc on the ground.

“You know my gold’s good, Robyn,” Grok grunted out, his single good eye watching her with no small amount of desperation. “I’m quiet, have my own food, can pull my own weight-”

“And if that was the problem, you’d be on board, tied up in my cabin,” Robyn interrupted, holding up a hand. “But Talos is already sleeping in there, and it’s not because I want him in there all the time. Well, right now I don’t mind him, but a girl needs her privacy.”

Grok sighed as he nodded his head. “Alright, alright, fine. Point made.” He shouldered his spear, the hunter already turned around with a hand in half-hearted farewell.

“Hey boss!” The squeaky voice of the small goblin popped up behind Robyn, grease marks like warpaint on her face and specks of gunpowder substituting freckles. “Cannon room’s all set, ready to go!”

“Good work, Jizzel-” Robyn stopped as she looked down at her ditzy mechanic, then to the back of the plodding orc. Remembering how she first found Grok, naked and breaking the poor little goblin with his cock in a bribe to keep her quiet, the pirate chuckled. “Hey Jizzel… You were going to break up with that tauren‘boyfriend’, right?”

Jizzel gave a noncommittal shrug as she waddled over to the voluptuous human. “Eh, he didn’t fuck me that well, anyway. I think my wrench gave me more pleasure. Why do ya ask, boss?”

“No reason.” Bringing her fingers up to lips, Robyn let out a long, low whistle, catching the attention of the leaving orc. “Oh, Grok! I managed to find some room for you!”

The orc was back almost faster then she could blink, the speed of a cheetah behind his steps. His tusks pressed against his wide smile as he stared up Robyn, the eyepatch hiding the crinkle of skin on the side of his face. “Knew you wouldn’t let me down-”

“Now now, big boy, there might be a little complication,” the pirate laughed, stepping aside as two dark green hands hefted themselves up to stare down at the orc. “I found some space in the cannon room, but you’re gonna have to spend some time with your girlfriend during the journey.”

“Oh hey there, boyfriend!” Jizzel laughed, a wide grin on her face as hauled herself up further so that Grok saw the low cut of her engineering overalls. “You gonna make me lose feeling in my legs again with that big dick of yours?”

Grok held in a long suffering sigh at the sight of the ever-energetic goblin, refusing to give Robyn any satisfaction. “…Yeah, I will.” Well, at least the trip there won’t be boring.

Last Option, By Tummy

Okay maybe not a stowaway this time, but looks like he is going to have to bunk with an old friend.




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Please Please do more goblin stuff! its so hot! nice work<3333

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