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Location: Northern Barrens

Time of Day: Late Afternoon

The Barrens. Few places on Kalimdor were welcoming, yet this region was one of the least. Once thick forest, it had been transformed into sparse savannah long ago.  Occupied by tribes of roaming centaur, fierce wildlife such as lions and raptors, and the ever powerful presence of the Horde looming nearby. Such a region was troublesome, even for travellers quick on their feet.

It was worse for the lone merchants who travelled through the center of Kalimdor, along the Gold Road, a great pathway that crossed the Barrens from the North to the South  There was little sanctuary, save the goblin port town of Ratchet along the coast to the east. Such potential dangers were clear in the mind of any trade guild.  Raelisenna certainly kept such things in mind as she flew above the mountains that stretched across the northern borders. Having crossed over from Ashenvale, the night elven woman was following the ridges towards the west, looking to fulfill a most peculiar request.

She had received a letter some days before, from an orc by the name Grokale. Having met him once before, he was now asking for her help in the furnishing of his residence high in the mountains that bordered three of the largest northern regions.  Though originally reluctant to make such a journey, his persistence and endearing charms, even through the written word, eventually convinced her to take the time out of her packed schedule to dare the perilous trip.

The sun was high and burning down upon her as she crossed far into the sun-scorched lands.  She made certain to dress light for the heat, wearing a elegant yet comfortable set of purple and white robes, held together by a sash around and accented with some sturdy, yet comfortable sandals. She reached down to gently pet her loyal companion, a faire dragon weighed down with saddlebags, a few rolled up rugs, and a single crate strapped down with rope.  “We are almost there.”

As the mountains cornered, a small lake came into view, and from the corner of her eye a makeshift structure, poised between three large trees, stuck out among the grassy plains.  It had wooden beams reinforcing the floor, adding stability so that it would not crack and shatter the long trunks that took on its weight. It seemed very open, with various balconies all around to provide an excellent view of the savannah and lake below.  Landing near the side of the dwelling, she paused for a moment, turning her gaze behind her to ensure that none of her cargo had come loose and fallen during the journey.  With confidence, she approached the rope ladder that hung from the dwelling’s main opening.

Letting out a greeting in orcish, she turned towards the treehouse and folded her arms beneath her chest, waiting for an answer from above. It was not long before footsteps could be heard above, and peeking out from the platform came Grok. She noted how he was a rather tall and muscular orc, his hair a greying black mohawk, and a patch over one eye.  Grok met the elf with a wide grin and a raised brow. “So glad you could join me, thanks for making the journey.” He said with a short laugh as he peered down. Raelisenna laughed in turn, lifting a hand up to her cheek as the other rests upon her hip. “Well, what can I say? You’re hard to resist, darling.  It was after that last letter, I was certainly more than inspired to make the trip for you.” A wink accompanying her response followed by a coy smile.

Grok motioned her to join him up in the treehouse, and she gathered a few bags from the saddle that she felt he would be interested in purchasing.  Leaving her drake companion behind on the ground below, she climbed up the ladder with wares held tight to her chest. The elf wasted little time as she stepped upon the upper platform, she looked about his home, already plotting on how to help decorate it. She grew excited as she showed off a wide variety of goods to the lone orc, pulling more and more from the enchanted bags she brought.

The kaldorei woman had certainly come prepared for a long visit. Besides the various home furnishings she had promised to provide. She had also brought a variety of other goods and wares for him to sample. Many items stored away in her merchant’s satchels; weapons, ammunition, cookware, crafting supplies, a fishing rod with tackle, and even a few vials that contained a variety of seeds found in local gardens. With his arms folded curiously, Grokale looked over the spread of various wares. He was surprised how many items one elf could fit into so few bags, let alone carry them all.  “I certainly wasn’t expecting you to bring this much.” He remarked, lifting up one of the peacebloom seeds for inspection, seeming a bit skeptical he’d ever use those.

After unpacking, Raelisenna sighed and rested her hands on her hips. “Wanted to make sure you had a wide selection, but furnishing your new house isn’t the only thing I can help you with.” She stated with a smile, holding up a rather sharp looking carving knife and giving it a bit of a display. “Let’s cut to the chase, you’ll want to be every bit as self sufficient as possible. I’ve got a brand new leatherworking kit here, perfect for all kinds of leather straps… buckles… collars… for pet’s of course. It’s ten gold, but I’m willing to barter a bit.” she says with a sly wink.  Grok nodded and laid his hand onto his chin, stroking his beard gently. He couldn’t help but smirk at the innuendo she had laced into the end of her pitch.  “You better be careful, the goblin’s over at Ratchet say I can be a bit… hard headed… when it comes to making a deal.”

Setting the skinning knife down, she moved on to the next items. “Oh, and I’ve got a nice rack too.” Grok’s attention, once on the items before him, was suddenly pulled back to the elven woman upon mention of her rack, before realizing that she was speaking of the tanning rack kit in her hands. Though, the opportunity was there for a bit of flirting all the same, “I’d definitely like to get my hands on that, though I prefer my racks a little bigger, maybe a bit more firm.”  Raelisenna leaned in close, letting her voluptuous breasts hang a bit loose in her gown. “A tanning rack, is a definite must. Only fifteen gold!”

Grok finally couldn’t help but stare, Raelisenna moving confidently from the set up at the table on one side, to the other where an assortment of corked vials sat. “Now, no bachelor pad is complete without planting a few seeds.” she smirks, turning to look at him. “… in a garden of course.” She holds the vials up, each labeled clearly in common. “Great for adding a little flavor to your food. Nothing too expensive, a few silver for half a dozen seeds?”

“You do realize I am surrounded by herbs right?  The hills around here have no shortage of what I need.  I ain’t really the gardening type anyways…” He retorts, giving a snicker, folding his arms and giving the elf a skeptical look. With a rather smug grin, she remarked back. “Yet why forage when you could have all you need here?  I’ll gladly offer some ‘sage’ advice for free.” she winks, clearly amused by her own terrible joke. Grok rolled his eye once more, a hand coming up to cover his face with a sigh. “That pun… was horrible.” Raelisenna gave a pouty face for a moment, “I’m sorry, I guess I was getting carried away. I almost feel like I should be punished for my terrible jokes” she remarks, giving herself a couple swats on the rear and yet another suggestive wink.

Raising an eyebrow, Grok could see where it all was headed. “Won’t lie… I’d be more than willing to help with that.”

A deviant glint in her eyes as she reveled in the success of her tease, she pulled out yet one more thing from the leather satchel. “Oh, and I almost forgot this… something easy on the eyes.” she turns, holding up a leather bound book, one hand flourishing below it as the other held it up for display. “A copy of one of my ecology journals, perfect for a hunter on the go.” she pitched, calling him forth with a come hither. “I don’t offer this to just anyone. I work hard on these, dear.” pausing for a moment to look out around his home once more. Grok mused how much the book actually cost, but at this point he was becoming too distracted by the curvaceous figure in front of him to concentrate on much else.  Raelisenna’s eyes however, lingered on the view provided by the windows of his home, as day turned to dusk, and the sun dipped below the horizon in the distance.

“This really is a fantastic place, I love the view from that area, the one by the hammock.” she remarked, eyes lingering on the leather cot as it swayed gently in the wind. Grok gave a hearty laugh, looking out towards the view himself. “I enjoy my privacy as much as I enjoy the natural world around me, thus why I picked such a difficult to reach location.  I am glad you took the time to come out here though.”

Raelisenna opened yet another satchel, looking through a few things whilst Grok peered at her soft, shapely behind. She pulled from the confines of the satchel a large mooncloth sheet, pure white with a sheen to it, which she stretched over the hammock as if to see if it would fit. “What is that?” Grok asked, curious as to what she was doing with his bedding. “It’s a mooncloth bed cover.” she responds, gesturing to it as it lay over the hammock. At first, Grok seemed to grunt out an agreement to it, moving over to inspect it with greater detail. However, as he took it into his hands, he began to reconsider “I’m not sure if I want this.”

Raelisenna pauses, resting her hands on her hips and smirking “Oh? And why is that, darling?”

He knew he had her. Grok began to barter, “Raelisenna, the quality of this isn’t worth the price. It looks like it’d rip right in half the moment I laid upon it, and based on the textile quality, it’s likely uncomfortable too.”

“I’m giving you a bargain here!  This stuff sells for at least three hundred a sheet in Stormwind. It’s still one of the most rare cloth bolts around, considering how you need a moonwell to even make it.” she responds with great confidence, “It’s strong enough that even the most powerful priests wear it for protection.”

The two debated back and forth for some time as they worked the deal, yet Raelisenna wasn’t budging. She curled up her face in a clever smirk, her calm words were almost annoying as she refused go down in price. Grok eventually laughed, and pointed. “Raelisenna, I am going to be honest with you, I don’t believe this will survive once I rigorously fuck someone on top of it.”

She gasped, followed by a laugh and a grin. Raelisenna raised her eyebrow and responded to his claim. “Well, if you’re so sure about that claim. Why not test it out first before you buy?” She said with a wink as she leaned in closer, “After all, we take customer satisfaction very seriously in my trade guild. It would be bad business unless I ensure our customers are ‘completely satisfied’ with the results of their purchase…” With a quick bite of her lip, she tugged off the sash around her waist, her robes parting down the middle, sinking down around her shoulders to ground and giving Grok a view that rivaled all the others around him.

The new terms of negotiation quickly became more clear, as she rested her hands against his shoulders, pushing him back towards the hammock. “You know, I’m fairly certain with a some more ‘intense’ negotiations, we may be able to work out a better price as well.  At least, depending on how long our negotiations might last.” Grok looked her up and down, he was no fool, who could refuse a great deal like that? He grinned a toothy smile, wrapping his arm around the elf and pushing her gently onto the hammock “Sounds like a plan.  Maybe if you have any fine fur rugs in that satchel, we can test out those as well.

Raelisenna laughed once more. “My dear, I have many high quality wares for you to test and fill in your home for the right pr…” She was caught off guard, her eyes widening in delight as Grok removed his trousers to present his ‘proposal’ for their deal. How she loved these kinds of trade deals. As they became lost in each other’s caress, neither saw as the mooncloth sheet flowed over the side and down into the dirt below.

Merchant Queen, by Raelisenna

Upon discovering an abandoned outpost situated in the hills not far from Orgrimmar, Grok decided to repurpose it into a place to call his own.  Though a minimalist, Grok felt it was lacking in some general luxuries familiar to any home.  As such, he called upon one of Azeroth’s most accomplished and savvy kaldorei traders to help him stock, and stress test, a few important wares.

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You certainly know how to make your animations look good.


Why the combination of Night Elf + Orc always works so great. 😀

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