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New Blood, Welcome Medeister!

So this site has been a little slow these days, huh? Well, hopefully some new blood will help! I wish to welcome my friend Medeister to my website. She has shown very good promise ever since coming onto the scene, including that collaboration we worked on, and I wanted to give more of an outlet for her to show off said talent. Give her a warm welcome!

You can find Medeister’s gallery here, or under the Gallery menu at the top of the page.

If you had to see me continue only one thing on this site, what would you like it be?

  • Fel Friday / Randoms (32%, 498 Votes)
  • Short Videos (28%, 436 Votes)
  • Webcomic (19%, 296 Votes)
  • Unity Games (16%, 247 Votes)
  • Commissions (3%, 51 Votes)
  • Written Stories (2%, 32 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,560

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This poll is just to gather popularity info on what I do around here, to better gauge what would be more useful to continue, and what I likely will have to give up due to the recent changes in my life.  I want to keep updating here as best I can, but I have to do a better job focusing in one area, rather then jumping all over the place as I have before, I just won’t have the time anymore.

It’s sad for me, stressful even, but I have little choice in the matter.  There are other things more important in my life that need to take priority over making porn, but I still hope to do what I can for you all.  Thanks everyone.

P.S. Due to JQuery errors that prevented the poll, I am moving to a simple theme temporarily until I can figure out a fix.

Limited Commissions

Even though things have been tough, I have to soon look towards recouping some costs on a new laptop I am prepping to get me around some of my new limitations.  I won’t have the ability to do anything advanced, but a single two person loop with a simple background that I can possibly bust out quickly would be appreciated.  I can’t do anything with more then 1-2 characters right now so don’t even ask, I wish I could but I just can’t.

Will start opening up the slots next week, so if you are interested just submit using the form here, or e-mail me. This will also be a good test of how well this laptop will do the job I need it to do.

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