Born (Or is that Porn?) in the wilds. Rexx was raised by a tribe of howler monkeys. When his adopted parents were murdered in a hillbilly accident, he swore to a life of calling himself an orc on the internet and making a whole lot of pornography. Okay, some of that is fabricated, but which parts!? You may never know!
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The Twins Arena Loss

Tutorial Stream Tomorrow 10AM CST (Give or Take) (UPDATE)


UPDATE: The stream is over but you should be able to watch it again by either going over to Picarto and scrolling down to the video tab, or you can get it it here on Google Drive.  I have not had a chance to cut it down yet so this is the uncut version with a few pauses.  I hope to get a shrunk down version of it in the future but I don’t have the time to mess with some Premiere issues.

OLD TEXT: So, came across a copy of Cinema4D and want to know the quick and dirty with how I make my stuff? So that maybe someday you can too? Tomorrow, starting around 10AM CST, I will be carrying out a tutorial stream in which I will go over the basics from exporting some characters, to posing, to animating. I will provide both a copy of my layout and various resources you will likely need to follow along. Anyone that comes to the stream can also ask questions or help guide what I make, which will in the end be added to the Unity Project. After the stream concludes I will upload a copy of the video, so if you miss it, don’t fret too much. You just won’t be able to ask me much in the way of questions. So for those interested, set your alarms!

Fel Friday! More Widowmaker!

The Big Mission Objective (Ellowas Model)

Fel Friday! Tracer! (MetsSFM Rig)

Jesana Rides Ravage – Unity Loop

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Fel Friday! Ravage and Jesana!

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