A Bang of Opportunity

“Wh… why!? Why did you kill me…” The farmer said as he laid nearly motionless on the barn floor, a single cut near his neck the entrance for the vile paralytic poison.  Mira laughed as the last of the poison overtook him, preventing him from even continuing his verbal protests, but she knew he could very much still hear her.

“Oh you will be very alive, in about six hours or so when my poison wears off…” Mira said with a grin, “This is purely a meeting of opportunity.  I was in the area, you have a cock, I need a good fuck, it just made sense. Enjoy it, or at least the best you can while laying there.”

Mira licked her lips as she pulled out her daggers and began to slowly cut up the farmers pant leg, eyeing the massive bulge below his suspenders. “Oh my…  I can tell this is going to require a bit more finesse.”

A Special Mission

Kirandros sweated nervously as he paced outside his room high above the Barracks, the commander had always sent him off on missions with his compatriots, but tonight his name was left off the active roster, with no explanation.  “She is going to replace me, I just know it.” He thought as he tapped his staff on the nearby railing, leaning over to mope.  Unlike many of the others, Kirandros was recruited through a mercenary contract, rather then directly by the commander, leaving his connection to her tenuous.  “She probably found some blasted brute willing to…”

Kirandros paused his sentence as he heard the angry clap of a hoof on wood just behind him, “Willing to what? Continue…” came an all too familiar voice.  The night elf turned and froze as he saw the commander standing only a few feet from him, dressed in full combat plate, and spinning her still blood-soaked sword casually with her right hand, “I… It’s not… I apologize Commander.  That was uncalled for on my part.” Kirandros said as he tried to recover from his obvious blunder.

“I admire the honesty, also… it’s Lakuu” the commander said firmly as she laid her sword gently on the wall, “Just call me Lakuu.”  The draenei was slow with her movements as she began to unclasp her shoulderpads, leaving the elven druid a bit confused.  “Comm… I mean, Lakuu, shouldn’t you be changing back in your private quarters!?” he questioned, but she just smiled and continued, “You likely wondered why I kept you here while sending off all the others.  Do no fear, for I have a very special mission for you.” she purred. Before long, she stood entirely nude before the befuddled druid, her skin lightly glistening from past hours of combat among the jungles of Tanaan.

Kirandros ears stiffened as he stared, blushing at her exquisite form,”Commander… Are… are you trying to seduce me?”  Lakuu narrowed her eyes is frustration at how dense the young druid seemed, “I said call me… actually, never mind…” she whispered as she walked in close to him, starting to rip part of his clothes off with rapid, precise movements. “I’m very, very horny, and I wanted to get to know you better.  Now you will take on this special mission, and put one hundred percent into it, or I am going to meet with the headhunter tomorrow for your replacement.  Understood?” Lakuu said with her commanding presence. The druid smiled as he finally got the hint, reaching around her to grasp Lakuu’s tight little ass, “Yes, Commander. I won’t let you down!”

Lakuu 3.0 thanks to the amazing talents of Ellowas!

One more update on the Unity Jaina package. Did some various tests to toggle cameras and effects, added a camera for the ladies, and may never be able to look Mekkatorque in the eyes ever again. Check out the updates in the last post below. I removed the cum button till I make a better working setup. If it still loads the last version make sure to force refresh or just download the executable.

The Dilemma

So yesterday, as you all know, I was having a bit of a problem.  Have been feeling really bad off and on for the last few weeks, a few points felt almost like I was dying, and it turns out I am suffering from three things.  Allergies is one, it’s hitting me hard, applying pressure to my head in my sinus cavities.  A light infection is another, though I am set on antibiotics to ward that off.  The third thing is a bit more complicated though, and I really don’t know what to do.

Turns out, I am not really physically sick.  The main issue that was hurting me yesterday was a bit more mental: Extreme Anxiety.  Life has been a whirlwind right now, my wife pregnant with our second child and fighting through morning sickness that leaves her incapacitated, my day job undergoing a huge change that will hurt my ability to pump out this content here by a possible massive degree, a big trip I tried to plan to visit family that may never happen, and all my deadlines I was setting myself up for content here (webcomic, commissions, the old random I have yet to do, the still in limbo Hellfire 2, Patreon, etc).  It all compounded, stacking like a ridiculous debuff till my muscles grew so tense throughout this month that my neck muscles were actually cutting off blood flow to my brain, and my arms and legs were going numb from the strain.

The doctor has me on muscle relaxers to try to loosen it up enough that I can get back to normal function, but until I figure out some way of lessening the causes of the anxiety it’s just going to keep flaring up till it kills me.  I don’t know what I am going to be able to do about that, as I may have to cut down on one of the three spheres that cause the problem (work, family, art), cutting family is out of the question, and the only one I want to cut down or out (work) is required just to live a decent life, while the one I want desperately to keep under any circumstance (art) is the most expendable.

Though enough of this bullshit for now, I got something to post for you guys later today.  I hope you guys like it.