Site Changes

Did some light changes to the website to make browsing it a bit easier.  I want to alter up the gallery a ton, but right now I have no solution for that, so instead I have altered the general taxonomy of the site.  All the races now have a unique category assigned to them, including a listing for each gender.  I may also make categories for each named character.   Tags will now be used specifically for the sexual content of the images, and I will increase it to involve general position names and any other little details about the situation (for those that really love doggystyle), but that will take a bit longer to get working.

For images that involve other games, they will be getting a special category listing each individual game name and character name.  It will take some time to get setup, but I plan to mess with it a little bit over the next month when I don’t have the ability to work on animations.  To try out the new system you can check out the new categories drop down on the right.  Tell me what you think.

Continuation: I decided to go with the named character option, and also learned that when looking up a certain category, it will also search all options that are set as a child.  This means searching for “Orc” will also look up all Female Orc, Male Orc, and further named categories.  As such, I am going to limit the amount of categories shown in the post.  If I use an image with Lakuu, for instance, I am not also going to list WoW, Draenei, and Female Draenei, since looking up any of those options will still bring up the post with her.  Will really allow me to streamline the data.