Born (Or is that Porn?) in the wilds. Rexx was raised by a tribe of howler monkeys. When his adopted parents were murdered in a hillbilly accident, he swore to a life of calling himself an orc on the internet and making a whole lot of pornography. Okay, some of that is fabricated, but which parts!? You may never know!
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Limited Commissions

Even though things have been tough, I have to soon look towards recouping some costs on a new laptop I am prepping to get me around some of my new limitations.  I won’t have the ability to do anything advanced, but a single two person loop with a simple background that I can possibly bust out quickly would be appreciated.  I can’t do anything with more then 1-2 characters right now so don’t even ask, I wish I could but I just can’t.

Will start opening up the slots next week, so if you are interested just submit using the form here, or e-mail me. This will also be a good test of how well this laptop will do the job I need it to do.

One-Eyed Prey

“Ouch” Grok whimpered as he began to return to consciousness, his head still throbbing from the intense blow.  He knew someone had been hunting him since he entered the Ghostlands, but even with all his skills, he was unable to keep track of the illusive stalker until she was upon him, her golden eyes shining through the darkness.  Though he put up a hard fought fight, she took him down with a well placed crack over the head.

As his eye came back into focus, he looked down to see himself hogtied on the dirt floor, completely naked.  Before another word could leave his mouth, he heard the sound of an axe embedding itself into the ancient tablet behind him with a TWACK, “By the ancestors!” he remarked as he looked around to see other throwing axes littered around him.

“Ah, da prey be awake.” he heard a sultry voice speak from the shadows, the two familiar golden eyes trained on him. “I am not a training dummy!” Grok protested, only to view a spear come screaming toward his face and forcing him to flinch.  The spear missing his good eye by only a few inches.

“Okay!” Grok said, giving out a sigh of relief that he didn’t become entirely blind, “What is it you want, troll?” He heard a chuckle as the figure walked from the shadows and into view, giving the orc his first good look and taking him by surprised, “You… are not…” he attempted to say before losing focus and scanning her closely. The warpaint that covered her tan skin were unmistakably troll, but her body, face and ears were of elven quality.  “Who are you?”

“Anu’aka” she purred as she looked down with a smile, letting her eyes wander to the orcs massive cock. “Ya be a challenge da hunt, den ya be throwing practice. Ya belong ta me, for now.”

Grok didn’t realize it, but his attraction had gotten the better of him, his cock starting to raise as he looked over her defined curves and toned body.

“So what do I have to do to get out of this mess?” Grok asked her, his tone going from distressed to playful, hoping to lighten the mood.  “Dat depends…” she said coyly, her eyes never leaving his cock.  With slow intention she pulled up her shirt, exposing her supple breasts, before ripping it off and throwing it to the side.  Next came her shorts, and then gloves and boots.  All the while Grok felt himself getting harder and harder.

“I tell ya wat, orc.  I be needing some release.  Ya give me dat, and I will consider letting ya go.” Grok could feel his dick throbbing, now hard and erect as she leaned her nude, shimmering body over him, “Deal?”

Grok was unsure, “Does this mean you will untie me?” he asked with a smile, Anu’aka just biting her lip as she turned around, “No. I like ya like dis. Maybe after da first hour or two.” Grok leaned back, his mind swimming as she began to lift up her ass and bringing it down to his throbbing cock, “Oh fuck, what have I gotten myself into…!”

And so the red sun turns to twilight…

As many knew, some changes in my life have been looming on the horizon.  Changes that I have no control over, and that have been making me depressed.  It’s about time you knew, those changes have happened, and yet even more come in the weeks ahead that will change it further.

What does this mean for my smut? I don’t know.

When it happened, I had prayed for the best, but as you can tell over the last week, I had nothing even remotely ready to post.  It was the first week in ages I have had no update at all I could give you, because the amount of time I can animate has been cut by a good eighty-five percent.  Another five or ten percent will be lost in the next two weeks.

I had hoped my Patreon would get me to the slave milestone, and then I could attempt to supplement that with commissions and just do this full time, but sadly I have stagnated there.  I don’t really blame people though.  I need to do a better job adding value to it, but I always struggle on how to approach it without losing my ability to make my own works.  I guess that does not matter all that much at this point.

As of now I just plan, and plot, and try whatever I can to figure out a solution, but with each day passes stuck in this new schedule the more frustrated and helpless I feel.  Without a way to supplement my income, I either have to give up other things I love as a sacrifice to animate, drastically slow down my releases to maybe once a month, or retire from smut entirely.  None of those options sound all that wonderful to me, but right now the slower release schedule is the easiest one I think I can stomach.

In the case I do have to retire completely, I tried to bust out tutorials to help others, so that at least some legacy would live on beyond me.  I hope at least those helped some people.  Yes, this all means I also have to postponed a bunch of projects indefinitely.  Right now my list is clear while I figure out what projects I might be able to keep on it.

No matter what happens I always appreciate the amount of support and good will I have gotten from my fans, fellow animators, and other online friends.  You made my many years of posting some of the best years of my life.  I just wish I could have kept giving more.  I feel so stuck right now.

Anyways… If you had a choice of one thing I do that you would see me continue, what would it be? Fel Friday? Webcomic? Unity? It will really help me figure out where I might be going in the future.

Fel Friday! Warlock’s Revenge! (Medeister Collaboration!)

Jesana stood sharp-eared among the machines and tables she knew so intimately, unease filling her mind as she waited.  She had gotten the call to meet her master, Lord Ravage, but was surprised to find the laboratory so empty.  Either she was in for a rough night, or something worse was coming her way.

“Here she is…” came the familiar voice of her master, though she was shocked to see who stood with him.  A blood elf, fel-infused with horns and spikes, looked at her with mischievous glee. “Splendid!” he exclaimed. “So it is true, the great Jesana Moonfall is indeed your bitch..!”

Jesana glared at the gloating newcomer; it was not like the master to take in outsiders other than as slaves. “Who are you?” she blurted out. “What is the meaning of this?”

Ravage ignored her, looking back to the elf. “You get one night. Now to hold up your end, warlock.”

Jesana watched with confusion as the warlock snapped his fingers. A demonic portal opened up, as if from another dimension through both time and space.  Out through it stepped a demonic draenei, her hips swinging with confidence as she looked towards Ravage with hunger in her eyes. “Ah, Embris,” she spoke, “you sure know how to make a girl happy.” But Ravage moved forward and took her by the hair, “You will not speak to him, you belong to me tonight, demon.”  The Sargerei bit her lip tightly in response, “Oh my, I like you already…”

Jesana clenched her fists, “Embris. That name… Where have I..?” she whispered, but the warlock was now upon her, taking control of her bindings and forcing her close to him. “Aww… Don’t remember me? Let me jog your memory. Ashenvale? A little warlock adventuring with his Imp companion? You split me in half?” The memories returned as he pulled her in close to his face and stuck his tongue down her throat, images of an apprentice warlock she personally cut down among her home forests.  She used all her will to back away. “You survived…” she snarled as he began to push her to the ground.

“Yes, indeed,” he grinned. “Warlock perks, and as I recovered I couldn’t get your face out of my mind… How it would look laying on top of you, filling you with my seed over and over again. You kneeling broken at my feet, those lips wrapped around my cock,” he continued, his voice turning more devilish with every word.

Jesana knew what was to come next as she looked to the side, her master ravishing the Sargerei from behind as she moaned in both pleasure and pain, “Do your worst, you rat,” she dared him, the warlock simply smiling in return, “Oh, I will.

Ravage and Munai animated by Medeister, Embris and Jesana animated by Rexx.  Story by Rexx, Edited by Medeister.  Images under the Collab gallery!

Check out Medeister here!

Sunreaver Prison Break

Scene too big for GIFs. Find video files in the 720 archive.

Fel Friday! Shadow Job!

Fel Friday! D.Va GG! (Ellowas Model)

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