Not sick anymore, but been a busy weekend and now week.  Work has been non-stop, and once I get home I have so many things I have to do I can’t even sit at my computer till 9PM, at which point I am so tired all I can get the strength for it logging onto WoW to do pet battles until I pass out in my chair at around 9:30PM, or if I am lucky, 10PM.  I don’t even like pet battle that much and yet even thinking about doing dailies or dungeons is too much for me to handle right now.  I feel like such an old orc.

Hopefully the end of this week will turn out better.  I didn’t want to use this blog as a personal complaint department.  If I wanted to do that I would have joined Twitter.  I wanted this place to have regular content for people to enjoy while itching the need to be creative that hungers inside me like a ravenous Worg.

On another note, I really need some new models.  Anyone a modeler willing to help me get some better bodies on these ladies?  I suck at modeling and these models I have look like they may not work down the line with what I am doing.  The Normals are all screwed up to use decent light sources.  Talk about frustrating.

Anyways, enough ranting for today.  Time to get some work done and see if I have time to actually get something on the blog this Friday.  Lok’tar Ogar my friends.

Remember when I said my fever broke?  Turned out it was just the virus inside me diving and strafing to the side only to tackle me again a few days later.  The sickness continued hitting me hard last weekend and a bit this week.  Though I think the worst is over my nose still refuses to stop running every few minutes.

Due to this, and some huge projects at work, I barely had time to work on anything outside some hopeful future prep to make my process go even faster.  I have to keep cutting as many corners as I can if I want to continue doing this.  Raising a kid if pretty hard work, and leaves little time to be creative, as I probably mentioned a few times before.

Really, my focus for this weekend if going to be Hellfire, need to get that running again.  I posted the rest of the story minus the images, so if someone just likes to read you can just do it now.  However if you want to read it with the images, I recommend holding off a bit longer.  Hopefully I can get all my chores and the house child-proofing done sometime early in the day.  My back already hurts!  Wish me luck!

It’s been a busy week.  My fever broke on Wednesday but I had some bad congesstion afterwards and now my nose has been running since I woke up this morning all the way till now.  I have gone through two tissue boxes and a roll of toilet paper, still not done.  The event together with the sneezing and coughing as my body attempts to eject whatever was left of that plague inside me, has worn me out worst then the sickness did.

Still, I didn’t want to not post anything again.  I wouldn’t really call it a random, but I continue to experiment in general 3D.  This time, I put the two swingers from the earlier random and had them fucking in Robyn’s crew room.  They are not part of the crew, mind you, but paid well for a little transport out of Booty Bay so they could get some more private time.  At least that is what I tell myself to explain why I used them for the test.

Besides, Robyn is all for some random fucking on her ship, as long as they don’t leave her out when she gets the itch.

Now to hope my nose gives it a rest soon so I can actually sleep.

Where are the crew? Likely peeping from the side. Hope no seizures!

I guess purple is one of her new favorite colors.

And now off to….. “ACHOO”… off too… “HURK”… Off… “Cough”… Oh you get the idea! “SNIFF”

Plagued… also, promoting a friend.

I didn’t mention this yesterday as I was hoping it would pass, but it seems during last weeks battle I shook hands with a Forsaken, as I am now feeling the horrible effects of the plague.  Painful throat, runny nose, extremely hot (and not the good kind).  The feeling of fatigue mixed with attempting to get some personal stuff done around the house means I never had a chance to make this weeks random again.  I am terribly sorry about that.

Hopefully this is only a bug that will last a few days and not one of those week long terror-thons that I can sometimes get around this time of year.  You know, where I become the girl from The Exorcist and just start spewing pile everywhere while talking about raping your mom in hell. (At least I think that is what happens in my delirium.)

In other news, my friend Lurkergg is going to be doing a comic and needs help with funding.  If you like his stuff I recommend throwing him a few dollars.  You can find the post about the fundraiser here.

Now to cover myself in blankets and hope for the best.