A Letter from Lakuu

Hello? Is this thing on? Oh good! Hey everyone!  You may remember me as Lakuu.  I am here with my sister, Kylasta, to give an important announcement.

Kylasta – “Hey!”

As many of you know, I was set to be the next in line for the Hellfire series, a job I was not made aware.  Rexx told me it was just going to be some innocent modeling!  The nerve of that guy! He didn’t even let me be my true class, using the magic of special effects to make me into a mage.  Said being a “paladin” was boring.  Who the hell says that?

Anyways, while Ku’jin is getting her brains fucked out I decided to pull Rexx aside and “renegotiate” my contract.

Kylasta – “In other words, she sucked his cock for days until he did what she wanted.”

What? No! I mean… shut up!  So after the long and hard process, I finally convinced Rexx to let me out of that specific contract in favor of other ones.  He even has me set for a short story!  One that fits me a little better, as in does not spread me open with hundreds of red cocks.

Kylasta – “Thus the Draenei part of the story in cancelled.  Sorry folks.”

Oh ummm… About that…  I kind of signed you up to take my place.

Kylasta – “Wait… you what!?  Hey! Where did this guy come from!? ACK WAIT A MINUTE!”

Don’t struggle, it just makes things harder for you. I would know.

Kylasta – “That’s it!  You are no longer invited to the family bar-b-que!


Meh, not like you could cook that great anyways.

So with that I must bid you all farewell.  Rexx will keep you informed when I am obliged to be involved, so don’t you worry…

Rexx – “Lakuu! Short story time!  Get yourself stripped!”

Well fuck…


Nope, not dead yet…

Hey guys, as you can tell not much happening right now.  Life combined with some frustrations over Hellfire quality has been causing me to slack off almost every day.  Not that I am unhappy with the story, mostly just feel I want more out of the images when I have been able to get working right now in the time I have.  I like Ku’jin, and I don’t want to feel like they are coming out half-assed.

Though the longer I go without updating something, the harder I feel it’s going to be for me to make anything.  (Creative frustration almost acts like a stacking debuff)

As such I am going back on what I said about the Weekly Randoms, Hellfire will happen when it happens, so I might as well not prevent myself from making other things each weekend.  Going to restart the randoms this week with a short story, and follow up next week by restarting the polls.

Thanks for the patience everyone.

Lok’tar Ogar!

Can someone slow down the clock?

Seriously, I look up and it’s already Monday night and I don’t feel like I have hit any of my creative goals.

I hate to drag people on, so just know the next section of Hellfire will be done when it’s done.  Just check back now and then.  Sorry everyone for lagging behind a bit.

Lok’tar Ogar!

That hair looks familiar…

Though I admit, the loss of bangs and adding of the rear braids look way more slick.

Now if only the hair was a dark red rather then a redish orange…

On the bright side, now I can likely totally steal it for Ku’jin down the line, as long as I can get the models to line up.

Oh and “dat troll”  *bites lip*

Lok’tar Ogar!

Just a heads up, but while thinking about the poll this week, I realized that I am really falling behind on Hellfire.  I want to finish Ku’jin’s story, but I worry that thinking up random ideas is cutting into my creative time.  I decided I am going to skip the random this week and focus for a Hellfire update this Sunday, hopefully a decently sized one.

I have considered also expanding on Hellfire more.  Right now, it’s pretty much just Fel Orcs hiding in their fortress and stealing away slaves into their dungeons and caverns below Hellfire Pennisula.  That’s all fine for the rare image of Jesana getting banged, but I always felt I could have more involved in it.  Maybe even allow them to expand out into other areas so it’s not just always in Hellfire Citadel, and possibly get other dark forces to join them.  Maybe have them build up into a new force that rivaled the defunct Illidari.

Really, you guys are the ones coming to read it.  What would you like to see it become?  Do you like the simplicity?  Would you want a larger story?  Or would you be happy with just images of ladies getting banged by red dudes and not really caring for anything else?  Leave a comment to tell me what you think, or you can leave me a PM over at Darknest if you would prefer to give me suggestions anonymously.


Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #13

Weekly Random #13

No story to go with the image tonight, mostly because I had little enough time to do the image and attempting to do a story with it will take me much later then I want to go.  Sorry about missing the poll again last week, but things became just a bit too hectic for me to think about it.

The image itself should be pretty self-explanatory, but a little run down is a Shado-Pan whose forces were captured by the Mogu is Krasarang Wilds.  While all the others were beaten and tortured into slaves, the leader, Mei Strongpaw, would not break, even after much pain inflicted to both mind and soul.  A Mogu Dominator turns instead to binding her flesh, and starts a unique ritual into the process.  Little does he realize he had clumsily left a weapon in Mei’s reach.

Will be back to making polls this week, and hopefully other updates.  Until then, I think I need some sleep.

Lok’Tar Ogar!

Weekly Random-A-Thon Image #12, Happy New Year!

Weekly Random #12

Booty Bay was lively, cheers coming from the nearby tavern as the patrons prepared for the new years celebration. “Rocko!  How many more rockets you got to setup?” came the voice of the foreman, his gravely cries always hurting Rocko’s sensitive ears.  “Only a few more, boss!” he yelled back, two bottle rockets over his shoulders.  “Good, because you are on Big Burtha duty!”

Rocko let out a big sigh at the news, “Oh come on!  We are still cleaning the goop from the last bruiser that took that job!”  he complained, but the foreman was having none of it, “Do it, or you can kiss your overtime wages goodbye!”

Rocko left the main setup and walked over to the side of the store house, walking past a dozen signs that said “Keep Out!”, “Danger!”, and “Turn around before it’s too late, idiot!”  It was there he saw it, the infamous rocket, the one built time and again by the craziest of sappers to punctuate the new year.  “I better get a bonus for this!” Rocko cried out.

“Hey babe, what you doing?” came a sudden voice from the walkway above, Rocko looking up and first noticing the goggles, strapped casually to a forehead, before making out the face staring mischievously at him, “Oh… you got Burtha duty!?”

“Not now Jizzel! This is delicate business.” he said snidely as he pointed for her to leave.

“Hey!” she replied, twisting herself over the edge and dropping right next to Rocko, “That is no way to treat your girlfriend.”

“We already went over this!  You are not my girlfriend!” he yelled, the echo bouncing off the hills and causing the rocket to gently tip over, “Oh… oh… no…” Rocko said as he gently leaned over, pushing the nose of the rocket back upward.

“Aw, Rocko, babe, you going to make little ole Jizzy cry?” she said, walking up close to the shirtless goblin.  She grabbed him by the nose, pulling him toward her face, “Now tell me I am your girlfriend before I get out my wrench and make something accidentally happen to this rocket here.” she said sharply, a grin crossing her face.

Rocko’s eyes opened wide, “Okay, okay… Jizzy-bear… but I really do have to get back to work here.”

Jizzel pushed past him and walked up to the rocket anyways, marveling at it’s complexity, “So how much powder it got in there?” she asked, leaning up on it. Rocko felt his heart race, “Careful! She is full of concentrated boom juice!” he yelled, running up to her.

Jizzel gasped, “Oh my, that sounds like it would be one nether of a boom!  It’s making me all hot just thinking about it.” she said, waving at her face, “Oh, I know, you should totally fuck me on it!”

“What!?  No!” Rocko said in shock, before pushing her away from the rocket.

“Come on, babe!  Let me ride your rocket on the rocket!” she said as she pushed herself back into him, her breasts rubbing through her tunic on his open chest.  “I… huh…” he tried to protest, but Jizzel knew all his sensitive spots, nibbling on his ear and licking at his neck, “Pleeeeeeeeease?” she said, reaching into his shorts.  “Give me the Rocko Rocket!  I will even let you launch into my special ASSets.”

Rocko licked his lips, “Re… really?  Well in that case…” he said as he ripped  her tunic, pulling it quickly off and reaching for her pants  unbinding them, “Oh, yes!” Jizzel moaned as he pushed her now exposed body into the rocket, causing it to lean with her, “Ready for launch, babe!” she said, holding apart her cheeks so that Rocko could get a good view of her fuselage.

Rocko couldn’t take it anymore, ripping off his shorts and running towards her, “I am going to blast you good!” he said as he slammed into her, his dick pushing it’s way deep into her ass.  “Ouch!” Jizzel yelled, “Careful with the propulsion!” she said he pushed harder, causing her to bite her lip with pleasure and pain.

Rocko pumped hard into her, grabbing her cheeks and squeezing them as her tits slapped into the rockets hull.  Jizzel moaned, “Oh your rocket is so huge!” she said as she pushed back against him, the force causing the rocket to now shake violently.  A few thrusts later and the rocket fell over entirely, the two goblins now riding on top of it.

Rocko felt his body tingle as she squeezed around his cock, his eyes glazing over.  Jizzel smiled as she looked back, “Who needs fireworks!” she said playfully, her body hot and sweaty, “Explode inside me, babe!  Do it!”

Rocko’s mind was lost in the pleasure, but a sudden smell caught his nose. It smelled like brimstone mixed with pineapples, “Wait… what is that?”

Without missing a thrust Rocko looked down to notice a leak in Big Burtha’s main launcher, the boom juice dripping out.  He thought back to what his foreman told him, “Remember, boom juice is HIGHLY UNSTABLE!  Even just the heat of your body has the chance of setting it off!  Don’t do anything that heats you up!” the voice said, clearly in his mind.

“Oh shit…” he said as the smell suddenly changed, to that of blazing fire.  Jizzel was still pushing hard into him, “Don’t stop… don’t!” she said before the blaze ran it’s way up the juice and into the main rocket.  With a sudden concussive blast, the rocket launched the two airborne.

“Ahhhhhhhhh!” Jizzel yelled as they flew upward, her nails digging into the rockets body.  Rocko held tight onto her hair, “Why do you have to have such a sexy, dangerous ass!” he cried,  “Oh… oh shit!” he yelled as he forgot how close she was to climax, his cock twitching deep into her ass.  He let out a scream as he unloaded inside her, the rocket still screaming into the heavens.

Jizzel moaned before yelling out  into the night sky, “Best… sex… ever….”

Happy New Year!  A little early, but hey, whose counting?  This image was a fun one to make, that Jizzel is DYNAMITE. (CWIDT)

Now, I would say that is the only image I made this week, but I would be lying.  I made another image, involving some upcoming mogu chicks from 5.2, however I felt it would be a little more niche.  So instead of making a normal post, you can find it hiding somewhere in this thread.  Oh, and it’s animated. (1/1/13 applied some small stealth edits!  for those that want a hint, know that I am blocking the path.)

Either way, see you all next year!  Lok’tar Ogar!