Author: Rexx

Born (Or is that Porn?) in the wilds. Rexx was raised by a tribe of howler monkeys. When his adopted parents were murdered in a hillbilly accident, he swore to a life of calling himself an orc on the internet and making a whole lot of pornography. Okay, some of that is fabricated, but which parts!? You may never know!

Another week, another random being prepared!  Considering how much I have been PVPing right now, we have a special player versus player edition of the Weekly Random! Who might win the battle, the Horde or the Alliance?  The Horde has the strength, but the Alliance has the tenacity.  Who do you think should come out […]

Now that last weeks is done, time to start the next poll.  I want to reiterate that I am removing the race vote just to keep things a bit more fair, as certain races were dominating.  I will use my own judgement with the races, with the situation and location leaning me towards certain races over others. […]

[singlepic id=471 w=320 h=240 float=] The human scout grunted as the troll pushed deep inside her, each of his trusts making sure to fill ever inch.  She heard her companion moan behind her, the draenei wiggling as her own conqueror trusting his cock with animal like ferocity. “This is the… last time I trust your… […]