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General news involving the site or myself

Was going to make this post earlier, but sort of got sidetracked.  As you can see, the new site is up and running for the most part.  Here are a few of the bigger changes. There are now three post types that update.  Main, Remix, and Patreon. Main posts use the original post feed, and […]

A new tutorial has been uploaded to my youtube channel, this one going over lighting.  You can watch it below, find it under the tutorial section or just directly on my youtube tutorial playlist.

You can find them by simply clicking on the History tab.  Be aware though, due to the difference in size between the GIF and JPEG frames, any time you come across an animated frame it will be smaller, this was something I had to do to keep the sizes of the animated frames down.  It […]

So as many of you see the site has some updates. A few things of note since people ask a lot about them. The old way of checking the feeds still exists, just click the “History” option in the menu. You can also hover over that menu to once again access the old galleries. If […]

Awhile back I made some tutorials and uploaded them to youtube, but I am not sure anyone every saw them here.  I decided to make them more overt and even embedded them into the site itself.  You can find the videos in the new “Tutorials” menu at the top.  Just for those that might want […]