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Webcomic Pages Returned

You can find them by simply clicking on the History tab.  Be aware though, due to the difference in size between the GIF and JPEG frames, any time you come across an animated frame it will be smaller, this was something I had to do to keep the sizes of the animated frames down.  It worked well in my old formating, but not as much in my new wider format.  When I restart smaller webcomic stories you will likely see a change in how I present the animated parts.


So as many of you see the site has some updates. A few things of note since people ask a lot about them.

The old way of checking the feeds still exists, just click the “History” option in the menu. You can also hover over that menu to once again access the old galleries. If you prefer that over the homepage then just update your bookmark.

The new video format uses HTML5, and can be activated by just clicking anywhere inside the frame. Think of it like GYFCAT, only hosted directly. I wouldn’t mind adding a “Play” overlay, but doing such brings in a spiral loader that breaks the loop, so it would be a huge change. I want to retire the GIF format since it forces me to scale down most of my uploads and takes up a shit ton of space.

If you want to download the files, just right click in the frame and use “Save As”. No more needing to search through the archive lists and be unable to really see what you getting. If you just want all of them, I have added a pack file you can download just below the animations.

Areas that are missing like the cast pages and the webcomic frame will come back “SoonTM”, they are just the lower priority since both need an update.

Lastly, I am working to get patreon integration working on my site, which would allow me to post patreon files here. If you see a new post pop up and it blocks you out with a “Patreon Only” overlay, then you know the reason. I am doing this for two reasons, for one it’s easier to upload and display multiple files, but also it will allow me to easily “unlock” patreon posts to the public when their exclusivity expires.

If you guys notice any bugs or have any recommendations, I am happy to hear suggestions. Thanks.

Support me on Patreon


Enjoy the above static image as a gift in 4k when you support me.

It has been over ten years since I started making erotic content, and as you all know I have done everything in my power to keep all of that content free, whether the smallest static image to the largest video.

However, the recent loss of my day job has put me in a difficult position.  Do I give more incentives on Patreon, and possibly make this hobby at least a part time job? Or do I put all my energy into salvaging a new career somewhere else full time, leaving no time for smut? I decided I wanted to give a true, incentivized Patreon a shot before I jump into another job I may hate.

Even just $2 a month as a light tip from each of my followers will go a long way to making this possible, and you will even have access to my draft feed.

This does not mean everything will be Patreon-only, if this succeeds I will still post free content including possible free webisodes, though it may come out a little later to the general public.  All commissions I make will also be posted for free, as usual, including Fel Friday, which I hope to have as the constant, weekly freebie.

Please understand, I didn’t make this choice lightly. If it does not succeed, I have to do what is best for my family, and that means possible retirement from the smut making scene. In the end, I hope that any increase in content I am able to pull off (If this succeeds) will make up for a few items becoming exclusive to patrons.  Thank you, everyone, for many great years.

Damn sexy!

“Seems I have a lot of people calling me sexy these days, damn straight! I have been leveling up just for you guys! I…”
Get that cock out, hunter.
“Listen Grok, I know you really want to show off that new Warsong tattoo, distinguished greying and oddly hot tiddy scar, but we have a lot of work left to do! Very sweaty, sensual, and erotic work! Now get that cock out this instant and lay back down!”

“That’s right, we wanted our little project to be ready by the end of the year, guess we have to put in some overtime, eh?”

He is mine, for now.
“Oh there is no question of that. Lots of overtime, hours and hours of exhausting, raw, and kinky depravity. I hope that eye-patch gives you a lot of extra stamina, because you will need it.

As for all of you… Patience is a virtue. I think in the end, you will enjoy the fruits of our… “hard” work. Antiana kalo korah, until next we meet.”


Awhile back I made some tutorials and uploaded them to youtube, but I am not sure anyone every saw them here.  I decided to make them more overt and even embedded them into the site itself.  You can find the videos in the new “Tutorials” menu at the top.  Just for those that might want to try their own hand at this.  I plan to add more tutorials as I go, based on what people need, so if you have any questions or want specific knowledge, just ask and I will see if I can make something on it in the future.

New Blood, Welcome Medeister!

So this site has been a little slow these days, huh? Well, hopefully some new blood will help! I wish to welcome my friend Medeister to my website. She has shown very good promise ever since coming onto the scene, including that collaboration we worked on, and I wanted to give more of an outlet for her to show off said talent. Give her a warm welcome!

You can find Medeister’s gallery here, or under the Gallery menu at the top of the page.

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