Fel Friday

Fel Friday! Where all the fel orcs get their hump on

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Fel Friday! Tyrande Whisperwind!

“Da… damn it, Rexx!” Tyrande said as she felt the orc pound deep inside her with bestial ferocity. “Oh goddess…”. Rexx looked on with a smirk, “Oh come on, this is not the worst you have been fucked over by your employer. At least my orcs lube up first.”

Monday Remix! Sylvanas pulls too much Aggro.

Looks like Sylvanas had forgotten the number one rule of traveling in fel horde territory. They never travel alone.

Fel Friday! Bonus Angle!

Was trying out some other angles, rather liked this one, so decided to post it.

Fel Friday! Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas was amused when the fel orc attempted to ambush her. In the end though, she had a satisfying ride and was even able to play with her balls a bit. “bum bum bissssh”

Fel Friday! Jaina Proudmoore!

The Bitch Queen must be having another “nightmare” again.

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