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The Iron Dicks


Fel Friday! Ayane Crossover!


Don’t have a whole lot of time today but I was not going to miss a Fel Friday, so I booted up, loaded up an old model convert, and put something together for you all. I couldn’t settle on which of these three angles I wanted to go with, so decided to rush a render out of all three.

Mira’s Old Adventures


Here is the requested Bloodelageddon guest starring a younger Mira with a random boy toy.

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Xanakar Loses Control

“Yes, good boy! Ohhh. Keep up those movements with that filthy demon tongue of yours, and I may forgive you. Make me cum, and I will be sure to reward you.” GYF


Little Cheater Lulu

Looks like while Wakka was out playing Blitzball, Lulu was enjoying her own favorite activity.

P.S. For some reason the ability to make galleries on tags has stopped working.  Will try to figure out a fix, until then click the the images in the gallery itself or the new images widget on the side.

Rinzy gets a face full of orc!

Rinzy seems to have a knack for defeating challenges that would break most normal gnomes.

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